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  • Competition - Win a Neutralizer

    We’re giving away 1 x Compact Neutralizer and 1 x Professional Neutralizer as prizes in our competition. It’s super easy to enter, keep reading for your chance to win a Neutralizer and the opportunity to review it for our blog.

    What is a Neutralizer?

    In our last post 'Cannabis and Terpenes' we looked at odour control and we recommended the award winning Neutralizer.

    Based on the principles that most smells have a common odour molecule which could be isolated by using natural terpenes, the Neutralizer team developed a secret blend of essential oils that bonds with the terpenes produced by the cannabis plant, completely neutralising the smell.


    Here's your chance to win a Compact Neutralizer (up to 15-20 cubic metres) or a Professional Neutralizer ( up to 375 cubic metres).

    All you need to do is follow these two easy steps to enter:

    1. Pick which Neutralizer you want to win.

    2. Tell us in less than 50 words how the Neutralizer works.

    Neutralizer Giveaway

    The competition will run until 12 noon (GMT) on 1st March 2016. The winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

    All entrants must be over 18 years of age at the point of entry.

    To find out the latest news and more from The Neutralizer head over to their website here.

  • Cannabis and Terpenes

    Terpenes are quite the hot topic in the cannabis world at present. What are they and how do they relate to your favorite smoke?

    What are Terpenes?

    Terpenes are a class of organic hydrocarbons produced by plants - we detect them with our sense of smell.

    Our sense of smell is directly linked to the part of the brain responsible for processing emotions.

    A particular smell can catapult you back to a nostalgic moment or emotion you may have had as a child.

    In the same way the whiff of a Super Silver Haze or the enticing aroma of Tangerine Dream can trigger a feeling or memory.

    Take a look at the images below. Citrus fruits, pine, lavender. These are all strong scents, and all can be linked to terpenes. More on these later.

    Cannabis Terpenes

    Hydrocarbons are one of the primary building block of any plant resin. Part of their “essential oils,” contributing to the aroma, flavour and colours.

    Each cannabis strain has a unique terpenoid profile. Some terpenes will dominate while others will only be evident in trace amounts.

    As well as smelling nice there are therapeutic benefits associated with terpenes. Benefits which traditional herbal medicine has made use of for hundreds of years.

    Terpenes found in Cannabis

    Nearly 200 terpenes have been identified in cannabis.

    Here are some of the most important ones.


    This terpene is present in most cannabis strains. It can also be found in mangos, hops, thyme and lemon grass.

    Cannabis Terpenes Myrcene

    Aroma: herbal, earthy, citrus scent cbd-mango.

    Eating a ripe mango up to an 1 hour before lighting up can increase, strengthen, and even lengthen the euphoric feelings felt after smoking. Mycrene affects the permeability of the cell membranes, allowing more THC to reach brain cells.

    Relevant Strain: Although it can be found in many cannabis strains, a prevalent one to mention is CBD Mango Haze.

    The buds of this strain express themselves with spicy and sweet notes reminiscent of mango, pineapple, and black pepper.


    This is the second, third or fourth most found terpene depending on the variety already present in the cannabis plant. Found in citrus rinds, in particular oranges.

    Cannabis Terpenes Limonene

    Aroma: citrus, oranges, lemons, lime, grapefruit

    Scott Blakey aka Shantibaba, the ledgendary cannabis breeder, reports that "limonene can be an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-depressant and anti-carcinogen."

    Super Lemon Haze

    Relevant Strain: Super Lemon Haze by Green House Seeds. There have been many great citrus strains (Tangerine Dream for example) but few have had the impact of this multiple Cannabis Cup winner. It has a sharp, intense taste reminiscent of lemon, lime and pink grapefruit, followed by an earthy and musky haze aftertaste, with traces of incense and black pepper.


    Interesting terpene fact - THC has no smell. Because of this sniffer dogs are trained to find this smelly molecule.

    Cannabis Terpenes Caryophyllene

    Aroma: woody, spicy, sweet aroma which is also found in black pepper.

    hash-plant-photoEd Rosenthal's Marijuana Grower's Handbook mentions that caryophyllene "is one of the active constituents of clove oil, a painkilling treatment for toothache."

    Relevant Strain: One of Sensi Seeds's classics, Hash Plant delivers a deep rich Afghani aroma with a hint of hashish.


    Cannabis Terpenes Pinene

    Aroma: pine needles

    Blue-dreamAlso found in eucalyptus, sage and rosemary. Pinene can be used medically as an expectorant to treat tough coughs.

    Relevant Strain: A strain like Blue Dream by Humboltd; has a dominant aroma over pinene; blueberry. This strain is known for its fruity, tangy earthy taste and blue colour.


    Cannabis Terpenes Delta 3 Carene

    Aroma: earthy, pine, cedar pungent scent.

    sweetcheesesweetseedsCypress oil (high in D-3-carene) is used to dry excess fluids, tears, running noses, excess menstrual flow and perspiration. This terpene may contribute to the dry eye and mouth experienced by some marijuana users.

    Relevant Strain: Sweet Cheese by Sweet Seeds has a slight taste of mature cheese and spice, giving a unique flavour profile.


    Cannabis Terpenes Linalool

    Auto Grape MuertoAroma: floral scent like spring flowers, lily, citrus and candied spice.

    Found in lavender, linalool is known to possess anti-anxiety and sedative properties.

    Relevant Strain: Grape Muerto by Barneys Farm has a luscious musky essence with pleasing dried apricot and grape taste.

    Odour Control

    Terpenes can play a protective role in a plants survival tactics.

    However, the same terpenes that help ward off predators can also alert others to the plants presence.

    So what can you do to minimise these tell tales signs getting you a knock on the door?

    Air Fresheners

    You could use air fresheners to mask the smell. However using air fresheners in a grow room can leave your buds with the aroma or taste of unnatural chemicals. Chemicals that are released within the same air as Terpenes attach themselves to each other and cancel out natural aromas; creating a new compound which will smell/taste of air freshener.

    Carbon Filter

    Fitting a Carbon filter to your exhaust system will remove unwanted smells and odours from the grow room. This will not have any effect on the smell/taste of your flowers. It can however be a costly option.

    The Neutralizer

    The Neutralizer

    The Neutralizer uses the relationship between natural terpenes to counteract and thus neutralise the smell or aroma of the plant.

    The oil used in the Neutralizer was discovered after extensive research to bond with the terpenes produced by the cannabis plant, completely neutralising the smell. The device can be plugged into any electrical socket and so could be used in a variety of set-ups.

    It really works - a recommended option!

    The Future of Terpenes

    As more countries lean towards legalisation (or at least decriminalisation) we should expect to see the development of research around cannabis expand.

    Science will in turn unlock the secrets of these volatile organic compounds and their significance. The evidence is still being worked on to demonstrate what many researchers believe to be the importance of terpenes.

    Can you identify any terpenes and if so which ones?
    Let us know in the comment section below.

  • BeatFox interview with Freedom Seeds

    Earlier this month the UK Beatbox Championships held its 10th anniversary event. Among the competitors this year was top UK beatboxer BeatFox.

    beatfoxDescribing himself as more bass than brains, more beats than a boxer; this young Londoner creates something of a stir wherever he goes thanks to his souped-up boombox tricycle.

    After the event BeatFox dropped into the THTC studio. Whilst there he donned one of our new tees and dropped an implosive video of his famous bass tones and robotic whistles.

    When we saw it we were seriously impressed and needed to know more. So we spoke to the man himself to discuss the art of vocal percussion, eco-friendly clothing and cannabis.

    So BeatFox how did you start beatboxing?

    I started beatboxing at a very young age. Always making random clicks and noises since I was a kid then it pretty much evolved into beatboxing. I was 14 when I found out that beatboxing was actually a real thing!

    What or who is your main influence?

    My main influence would have to be the beatbox scene itself. It started as me wanting to create a name for myself and now it's about the positivity that the art form creates. Also another influence would be the rate that everyone nowadays is progressing. You have to keep up to stay relevant!

    Is the beatbox scene competitive?

    Yes, you hear a sound and you automatically try and recreate it. Also with the battles it’s a really good challenge to see how you react on stage and how well composed you are. Generally it’s a family vibe so battles are a good way to get you out of your comfort zone!

    BeatFox - Underground

    When you perform, what experience are you trying to create for your audience?

    I would say that I'm trying to show them how diverse the human voice box can be. I freestyle a lot in my shows. As I do certain routines I see what the crowd likes and create music to their reactions.

    Could you share with us any highlights from your career so far?

    I've warmed up for Snoop Dogg and been passed one of his blunts! Toured with Jessie J and played at some of the UKs biggest festivals. I’ve also travelled the world doing what I love.

    BeatFox - Queen of the Crop

    We loved the video from the @THTCClothing studio, what is your take on hemp/eco-friendly clothing?

    I think it's really good, it lasts ages and it generally doesn't shrink like cotton does! It's a bonus to get a decent print on top!

    We see you like our Freedom Underground T-shirt, which is your favourite cannabis strain of choice at the moment?

    I love my Kush, right now I'm loving DNA’s Chocolope Kush!

    Click the video below to see BeatFox lay it down co-articulation style, with pulsating sounds as powerful as a piston. If you like the T-shirt BeatFox is wearing in the video or photos above you can get yours here.

  • Stoner Gifts - Christmas 2015

    Stoner Gifts Christmas 2015
    Ask your average stoner what they would like for Christmas, they would probably say “just grab me an eighth.” This may be at the top of their list, but it probably wouldn’t get them through this year’s Christmas cliff-hanger on EastEnders!

    Luckily for you we've found the best Christmas gifts, guaranteed to put a smile on your stoner's face.

    From the price of a gram to the price of an ounce, stoner gifts to get the Ganja bell rocking!


    Christmas present clichés can be hard to get away from but, unlike the novelty tie, socks are one of the best gifts to give a stoner! Popular amongst skateboarders and baked potatoes alike, these socks bring the cannabis leaf to the streets in a range of colours to make your feet look neat. Available from HUF.


    grinder_medtainer_GRIN-0151_bisThe Medtainer is great for those looking to store their bud on the go. ‘Store, grind and pour,’ it’s as easy as that. This container is smell proof, air and water tight and available in a range of mix and match colours. Get yours from Medtainer.

    rubix stash boxAlways looking for a new place to hide the piff? Then it’s definitely time for this Rubik’s Cube safe.

    Don’t worry, you don’t have to complete the cube before you can unlock your hoard; just turn the middle three layers in a specific combination to access the goodies.

    Available online here.


    Everyone loves getting a new T-shirt for Christmas. Fortunately for you we’ve sorted through all the crud and found some dope designs for the real cannabis enthusiasts.

    THTC are ethically sound and eco-friendly; The Hemp Trading Company makes politically conscious street wear whilst representing the most important commodity of all - the people.£24.00
    THTC cocdpy

    Here are a couple of t-shirts from Cayler and Son’s. With their finger firmly on the ‘what’s hot’ button, they’ve created some weed t-shirts to appeal to the 420 friendly. We love attention to detail and yes, these T-shirts “doobie” having it. £25.00-£30.00
    Cayler and Sons

    If you liked the sound of hemp T-shirts, then head over to Sativa Bags for everything hemp related. With over 20 years involvement in producing and promoting hemp clothing and bags, rest assured these guys have their eco credentials in the right place.
    Rucksack £47.99 Hemp Shoulder bag £71.99


    Vaporisers and Pipes

    ArizerEver hung out your bedroom window blowing smoke into a toilet roll stuffed with laundry sheets...? No, us neither.

    With a vaporiser like the Arizer Air you can toke in stealth mode even with Grandma visiting. Provides clean high quality vapour and taste for up to one hour. Available online

    Stoners are always finding new ways to blaze it up...
    Frost pipe
    Frost Pipe is the coolest device on the block, simply pour water into a specially designed mould and place in a freezer for 4-6 hours – add food colouring to create fun new pipes. Fail-safe way of chilling out after Christmas is all over! Head over to £25.00

    Smoking Accessories

    Wiz Khalifa knows the struggle when it comes to rolling up without a flat surface. He’s kindly teamed up with Raw to make these neat rolling trays with rounded corners. Chore no more, skinning up with this on your lap is made easy. Guaranteed to be covered in stickers by New Years!


    Cypress Hill and ROOR have come together to bring you this set of three hand-blown glass tips. Created to provide avid smokers with a new, refined method to better your smoking experience.

    Grab these smoking accessories gifts from Pure Sativa.
    Trays from £5.50 and glass tips £26.00

    Bud Shots

    bud shots 3If there’s one thing stoners like, it’s looking at pictures of weed.

    Now they too can impress their followers and get hundreds of likes with this bit of technology.

    The olloclip is a clip-on lens for your smart phone. Features 10x macro, 15x macro options with fisheye and wide–angle for those canna close-ups.

    Available here £69.95


    Girl NecklaceMany of the gifts on our list are unisex, but if you’re looking for stoner gifts for her then you could do a lot worse than this THC molecule necklace from Arohasil Silhouettes.

    They offer molecules from caffeine to cocaine - but as you might suspect we maintain THC is best!



    Sometimes the only thing that can beat the winter holiday folderol is a warm soapy bath.

    Bud Suds promote quality handcrafted soaps that will leave you feeling silky smooth.

    True herbalists must try these hemp infused soaps. Bud Suds from £10.99


    2015-candlesAnother Christmas classic - candles.

    Although these might not be the type of candles you'd want to give to your mum or your nan.

    Spark these bad boys up and wish a stoner a Merry Spliffmas with joint-shaped candles.

    hashish candle We think the price of this candle is outrageous but if you've got more money than sense...stick it up your nose with this hashish scented candle! Once the candle burns out, the porcelain vessel makes the perfect pot for your pot.

    Available from Jonathan Adler



    Mr SmileyOnce you have exhausted all conversation with the relations, it’s handy to have a book to hide behind. We’ve hand picked a couple for the seasoned tokers out there.

    Mr Smiley is the latest book from Howard Marks. Author of the million-copy seller of Mr Nice.

    Britain’s most famous drug smuggler picks up after being released from an American penitentiary and heads straight to the party island of Ibiza.


    Want a definitive guide on Cannabis? Get it straight from the horse’s mouth; Jorge Cervantes!

    With The Cannabis Encyclopedia he’s kindly written a mighty tome on everything cannabis related.

    Step-by-step easy instructions, whether your passion is Cultivation, Consumption or Cooking; this guarantees to be a page turner.


    Christmas Cards

    About ready to go cold turkey on Christmas consumerism?
    Send these rebellious cards to your nearest and dearest; with reference to popular drug culture, organised religion and multi-national corporations.
    These cards are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

    And finally…

    We thought it'd be a bit daft not to include our very own t-shirts - produced in collaboration with THTC. These organic cotton tees will have you feeling and looking the part.

    For the ultimate strain hunter, we have the Freedom Underground T-shirt. Take a journey through the classic strains of cannabis history.
    Freedom Seeds Cannabis Underground t-shirt
    Available in white in a range of sizes from Small to XX Large here £11.95

    Trump all the rest in with Freedom’s ‘Queen of the Crop’ T-shirt. Available in Black and Green for that casino feel, we have sizes Small to XX Large for just £11.95.
    Queen of the Crop weed t-shirt

    So there you have it. A bumper selection of the latest and greatest gifts for stoners this Christmas.

    Hit us up in the comment section if you think we’ve missed anything off our stoner wish list - we may even add it to the list if it's good enough :)

  • Mr Smiley, My Last Pill and Testament - Howard Marks

    Mr Smiley

    Freedom Seeds met up with Howard Marks just before the publication of his new book, Mr Smiley, My Last Pill and Testament.

    Mr Smiley - My Last Pill and TestamentHoward Mark - signing Mr Smiley

    Howard was making what may be sadly one of his last public appearances after being diagnosed with terminal cancer a year ago. The venue could not have been more perfect as Howard walked onto the Estuary Stage at Festival No. 6, held in the beautifully romantic village of Portmeirion in North Wales.

    It was a sunny September day and so many had turned up that the capacity crowd were standing from the front of the stage to the water’s edge at what was only a spoken word event being held at 1:30 in the afternoon.

    The warmth of the sustained applause as Howard walked on seemed to reverberate out, across the sandy estuary and up into the sun bathed peaks of Snowdonia that framed the horizon.

    The event was being hosted by Faber Social who co-curated the Estuary Stage again this year with Caught by the River.

    Festival No 6 - Portmeirion VillageFestival No 6 - Portmeirion Village

    Howard talked about smuggling, dope, the law as well as music, family and life.

    I’d seen Howard do numerous shows like this in the past, usually ending in a question & answer session, but this one was more illuminating and seemed to cover new ground.

    After the show I spoke to Howard back stage and we talked about Mr Smiley.

    This second, and final chapter of his autobiography, picks up from where the best-selling Mr Nice ended. And it turns out Howard has not been keeping to the straight and narrow but has been up to his old tricks.

    When he was released from an American prison after doing 7 years of a 25 year sentence, Howard had found it difficult to settle into any kind of role. His family had grown and were now more independent, many of his old circle of friends had either given evidence against him, had retired or were dead.

    Immersing himself in the ecstasy fuelled party scene centred on the island of Ibiza, he soon got to hear of a lost stash of pure MDMA, enough to make more than a million pills.

    As the title suggests, Mr Smiley recounts Howard’s journey in search of this stash, his partial success and the unexpected and shocking twist the discovery delivers.

    Although some names have had to be changed in the book Howard’s part is told in detail.

    “I can tell the full story now” he told me, “I’ll soon be out of their reach”.

    A wide grin spread across his face, the infectious and cheeky smile we know from the photo on the front cover of Mr Nice, and I knew that whatever happened Howard was going to have the last laugh.

    Mr Smiley, My Last Pill and Testament available from Freedom Books

    Festival No 6 - Be Seeing You

  • Product Earth - UK Hemp Trade Show, Exhibition and Music Village

    Product Earth 2015

    Freedom Seeds were at the Product Earth Expo in Peterborough over the weekend (27th/28th June). This was the first trade fair/expo of its type in the UK for more than five years. Held in the exhibition centre at the East of England Showground, the venue is a large sprawling complex of buildings and outdoor space used mostly for agricultural shows.

    We arrived on Saturday morning and walking past the purpose built area for judging foxhounds (yes, the bastards are still at it despite the ban), we approached the modern exhibition hall.

    Inside there were stalls and exhibitors covering a wide range of stuff including seeds, clothing and paraphernalia.

    There was good representation from the campaign groups including Release, NORML UK, European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies, European Cannabis Social Clubs, UK Cannabis Social Clubs and our good friend Clark French of United Patients Alliance.

    Although there were a good few people milling about there didn’t seem to be that many until we discovered hundreds outside enjoying the warm summer sun and mellow sounds from the main stage of the music village.

    The music village with adjoining camping field was what set this event apart. With the good weather over the weekend many of us spent a lot of time outside looking at the stalls and checking out the wide variety of food outlets which included an appetising choice for vegetarians like me.

    The highlight for me was the stonking set from veteran reggae dance outfit and headliners Zion Train. With the crowd already warmed up by a great set from Mad Professor, the Zion crew owned it. I’m sure the good folk of Peterborough hadn’t heard anything like it.

    All in all this was a very well organised chilled out event with a friendly vibe, just as it should be. Well done to Richard & James for taking the risk to put this together. Respect.

  • Clark French on medical cannabis around the world – Amsterdam

    Amsterdam – Dutch Medical Cannabis Culture

    Amsterdam is undoubtedly the most well known city when it comes to cannabis in Europe, if not the entire world. This is in most part due to Dutch citizens and activists not accepting prohibition.

    Nol Van Schaik and Wernard Bruning, coffeeshop pioneersWernard Bruning opened the first coffee shop in 1973, dozens more followed and soon the Dutch government had no choice but to be “tolerant” of cannabis culture. They overgrew the shackles which tried to chain them and Amsterdam has since been a city synonymous with cannabis.

    Many people would be forgiven for thinking that cannabis is legal in the Netherlands, coffeeshops selling cannabis to the public are open every day and the consumer has no real issue. However it is not legal. It is merely tolerated. Coffeeshops are allowed to sell cannabis, but in a rather bizarre twist they all have to go to the black market to source the cannabis that they do sell. The Dutch government puts a limit of 500 grams onto coffeeshops which is quite impractical, especially since more and more of them are closing down thus each one has more custom to cater to.

    This means that medical cannabis patients have a very easy time finding cannabis in the Netherlands, certainly more so than they would In the UK. Coffeeshops are not quite as good as many dispensaries and I would like to see more lab tested cannabis, however it is still a vast world away from the UK. Patients have choice of strains and can even grow five plants at home. Which is of course not really a sensible limit as unless you are growing trees five plants is unlikely to be sufficient for patients who need a lot of cannabinoids.

    Introduction of Bedrocan

    Nol Van Schaik and Wernard Bruning, coffeeshop pioneersIn 2002 Bedrocan was granted a licence to grow medical grade cannabis for patients in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. Under the Schengen Agreement a Dutch Patient prescribed Bedrocan is legally allowed to bring and use their medical cannabis in the UK. This despite the government continuing to say that cannabis is a schedule 1 drug with “no known medicinal value”. A point which was pushed by Norml-UK for our Cannabis Hypocrisy Protest where a Bedrocan patient came and vaporised cannabis legally outside the Houses of Parliament in 2013.

    Bedrocan currently have four strains which are available through prescription in Dutch pharmacies. Although it is great that patients do have this option it was clear to me when visiting and talking to patients that many thought that this was not good enough. In fact some felt so strongly that Bedrocan was an injustice it bought them to tears. Many patients choose to go to coffeeshops rather than pay for Bedrocan, I have heard people saying they can find better quality at better prices in coffeeshops than Bedrocan. This is quite a shame as the black market does not have patients in mind when growing cannabis. There are some great organisations in Amsterdam which the UPA finds very inspiring, the Cannabis College seeks to provide people with cannabis knowledge and we will be working with them to do similar things at events in the UK in 2015.

    UPA Cannabis College Portsmouth

    Overall Dutch medical cannabis patients have it far better than their British counterparts, but yet again we find a system which is nowhere near good enough for the patients who it is meant to help. Lots of lessons can be learnt from medical cannabis in other countries. The UK will by no means be the first country to allow patients access to medical cannabis when change does inevitably come. But through the actions of other countries we can have the best system which helps patients the best way that it can.

    Clark French

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  • Spannabis 2015 Champions Cup Award Winners - the results!

    Spannabis Champions Cup 2015
    Further to our report from this year's Spannabis which you can read about here - we now have the big winners at the Spannabis Champions Cup 2015.

    There were prizes for Barney's Farm with Critical Kush and Triple Cheese, Dutch Passion for The Edge, Strain Hunters with Caboose and Delicious Seeds for Critical Kali Mist among others.

    The Winners

    Best Seed Bank: Genehtik
    Best Booth: Barney's Farm
    Best Paraphenalia Product: Sublimator

    Indoors Hydro

    1. Critical Kush - Barney's Farm
    2. Amnesia Mistery - Positronics Seeds


    1. Dutch Passion - The Edge
    2. Cheese - Tierramadre Growshop
    3. Critical Kali Mist - Delicious Seeds

    Indoors Bio

    1. Super Cheese - Positronics Seeds
    2. Tangi - DNA Genetics
    3. Caboose - Strain Hunters

    Best Resin

    1. Mandarine Hash - Tierramadre Growshop
    2. Negra 44 - Houseplant and R-Kiem
    3. Original Bubblegum iceolator - TH Seeds

    Best Extractions

    1. Shoreline Live Resin - Devil's Harvest Seeds and Nector Sector
    2. Sour Ripper - La Grow Central and Ripper Seeds
    3. Triple Cheese - Barney's Farm

    Congratulations to all the winners - we'll see you all again for Spannabis 2016.

    Were you at this years event? What do you think about this years winners?
    Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Spannabis 2015 - back from Barcelona and world's biggest Cannabis Event

    Spannabis 2015

    We meet Jorge Cervantes and watch some footie

    Just back from Spannabis 2015, a little bleary, the worse for wear & tear. Got rained on, and so did all the exhibitors on the outside stands who had been expecting to be basking in the spring sunshine.

    Luckily that was just a bit of a hitch on Saturday with the rest of the weekend being dry but windy.

    This blip was more than can be said for our European partners in the Netherlands who seem to be stuck in a continuing Dutch winter as news spread of a leading wholesaler who was raided for selling large quantities of cannabis seed. Take note: in some jurisdictions selling a 25 seed pack makes you an accomplice to commercial cultivation, allegedly.

    Jorge Cervantes at Spannabis 2015No such problems for our other European friends in Spain. The annual cannabis jamboree that is the Spannabis Trade Fair is going from strength to strength with another record attendance for the largest cannabis fair in the world. It's facts like these that make it bearable to stand in line for more than an hour to get into the damn venue, although one inevitably suspects that it could be handled more efficiently.

    On the upside we bumped into our old friend Jorge Cervantes, author of the worlds best-selling grow book The Marijuana Horticulture Indoor Outdoor Growers Bible. Jorge, one of the hardest workers and most knowledgeable guys we know has just published his latest & greatest tome ‘The Cannabis Encyclopaedia’ a title that lives up to its name.

    You can see a video of Jorge talking you through the book below. Just off the press, the first copies arrive in the UK in the next couple of weeks. You can pick up one of the first copies here.

    Barcelona, as those of you who have been will know, is a city that delivers in many ways. Strolling around the Gothic Quarter on Sunday evening we stopped off at a bar to watch the classic of the Spanish league, Barcelona (Messi, Suárez) v Real Madrid (Ronaldo, Bale). The screen in the bar was hung in front of a stone wall that was part of the original Roman wall around the city. As expected, the game did not disappoint. The streets were deserted and the bars were packed, the atmosphere was unforgettable. Viva Barcelona, Viva Catalonia, Viva sativa.

    Seriously, if you can make it to Spannabis 2016 you will not regret it.

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  • Freedom Seeds meets RAW Papers

    RAW Papers

    RAW Giveaway: We’re giving one lucky person a goody bag stuffed full of RAW stuff. It couldn’t be easier to enter. So keep on reading for your chance to get your hands on this fantastic prize.

    Freedom Seeds meets RAW Papers

    Got any Veras? The rolling papers market is a large one, containing brands like OCB, Zig-Zag and Smoking. However while these giant companies may dominate the market there are alternatives out there…

    One such alternative is RAW.

    RAW take a slightly alternative approach. Their papers being unbleached and less processed. This gives RAW papers their distinctive light brown shade, with papers so thin you can almost see through them. This combined with their special watermark mean the papers burn just right.

    In short while there are many companies out there making rolling papers…few do it as well as RAW.

    We’ve been massive fans of RAW papers from the start. So when the opportunity to team up with them arose - we jumped at it. The result? Freedom Skins!

    Freedom Skins - RAW papers

    As with any industry there is plenty going on behind the scenes and how RAW fit into the rolling paper landscape is certainly an interesting story. But before we discuss that we need to look at the history of the humble rolling paper itself.

    History of rolling papers

    The history of rolling papers is inexorably linked with Spain and in turn the city of Alcoy.

    When Christopher Columbus returned to Spain from his first voyage of the Americas he did so with tobacco. The smoking of tobacco cigars quickly caught on with the Spanish aristocracy. In turn the much prized cast offs from discarded cigar butts found their way into the hands of peasants. Wanting to smoke the tobacco that remained in the butts they took it and rolled it in used newspaper. Newspaper was far from the ideal solution for smoking tobacco however, and so with this came the need for a paper that could be used to smoke tobacco.

    As Alcoy was already the paper making capital of Spain, it inevitably became the location of the first machines made specifically for creating rolling papers. And so rolling papers have now been manufactured for centuries in the Spanish city.

    History of RAW Rolling Papers

    RAW Founder - Josh KesselmanDuring the 1980s Alcoy’s main rolling paper manufacturer was forced to close its doors. Following this move competitors came forward to buy the most valuable paper machines. Once the vultures had swooped they left only a few antique machines behind, those which they considered worthless. One man who could however see the value in these machines was a man named Jose Emilio. As a former employee he could see that while the machines were old they were still more than capable of producing top quality rolling paper.

    At the start of the 1990s New Yorker Josh Kesselman met with Jose Emilio. With the expertise of the Alcoy manufacturers Josh was able to develop the brands of Juicy Jays, Elements and eventually – RAW. Josh (pictured above) is still in charge of RAW papers today and continues to drive the company forward.

    RAW ambition

    RAW pride themselves on being innovators in the rolling papers market.

    So what sets RAW papers apart?
    - Natural unrefined rolling papers – RAW papers are less processed than other papers
    - Special watermark helps the papers burn better
    - Chlorine free / Unbleached
    - Vegan Friendly

    RAW papers features

    More from RAW

    In addition to the classic RAW Papers they have also introduced a new range of rolling papers made using unbleached hemp fibres - Raw Organic Hemp.

    What started out as rolling papers has now grown into a wide range of smoking accessories including cones, tips, rolling machines, rolling trays, rolling mats and much more besides.

    RAW Collaborations

    RAW are proud of their ties with the hip-hop community. Which has led to a collaboration with US rapper Wiz Khalifa on a line of smoking accessories. Perhaps an inevitable move when you consider the title of Wiz Khalifa’s gold-certified debut album - Rolling Papers.
    Wiz Khalifa RAW Papers

    RAW Foundation

    The RAW Foundation represents the philanthropic work overseen by RAW owner Josh Kesselman. They have worked on several projects based as far afield as Ethiopia, Uganda, the Philippines and Bali. Work helping improve the lives of those less fortunate includes: supplying 100,000 meals to malnourished children, digging a deep bore well in Ethiopia and the refurbish and repair of water wells in Uganda.


    All of the above tells you that RAW is a great company so we thought we'd give you a chance to find out just how good their products are for yourself. We’ve put together a goody bag full of RAW stuff and we're giving it to one lucky winner.

    Below you’ll find 10 different ways to enter this competition - some worth more entries than others. The more entries you make the more chance you have of winning this fantastic prize. So try as many as you like. Good luck!

    Freedom Seeds - RAW

    The competition will run until 12pm (GMT) on Friday 20th March 2015 - the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

    To find out the latest news and more from RAW head over to their website here

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