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Barney’s Farm – Chronic Thunder – Grape Ape – Peppermint Kush - New Feminised Strains

Barney's Farm

We’re pleased to announce that Barney’s Farm have bought us a new selection of feminised strains. Which is pretty good news any way you look at it. Barney’s Farm were winners of the 2010 and 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup for best strain with Tangerine Dream and Liberty Haze so when these guys release new strains it’s worth paying attention.

Firstly we have Chronic Thunder, a strain combining Chronic and Alaskan Thunder. With a short flowering time and high yields from a compact plant this promises to be a winner. Our next offering Grape Ape should be just as appealing, this strain is straight out of the Barney’s Farm indica greats.

And finally we have Peppermint Kush, Derry from Barney’s spoke to us at Spannabis earlier on this year and gave us a quick run down on the Peppermint Kush strain. And if that doesn’t whet the appetite then we don’t know what will! All of these great strains and much more besides are available now at Freedom Seeds.