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Big Buddha Seeds – Sour Chiesel – Chiesel Automatic

Big Buddha at Freedom Seeds

Can you go far in the seed world these days without hearing about the cheese?!

The latest spinoff from the famous cheese strain has just been released by Big Buddha and Freedom Seeds will cut you a slice.

Big Buddha's Chiesel Automatic is a cross of New York City Diesel and the Big Buddha Cheese which has been engineered into an all-female autoflowering/a> plant. This new strain from Big Buddha has fast autoflowering growth with a large central cola coated in resin; expect an intense grapefruit diesel like smell with tastes of spicy citrus Kush and a soothing, strong high.

Sour Chiesel comes to us with its heritage of Sour Diesel from our friends across the pond, crossed with the Big Buddha Cheese. Its unique flavour of sweet and sour with a citrus scent creates a unique mix that is sure to tantalise even the connoisseurs. With growth you should expect fat calyxes encrusted with a glittering resin.

Say Cheese!