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Cannabis Seeds Planted In German Town

The Germans Are Coming Don't Mention The War (On Drugs)

Everything is going to pot in the small German town of Gottingen as cannabis activists have been planting seeds in as many public places as possible with what seems to be great success.

The group called ‘A Few Autonomous Flower Children’ have recently seen the fruits of their labour materialise as marijuana seeds they planted back in June have started to bloom in public planters and gardens. Some have even appeared in front of the city’s main police station.

The reason for the original and quirky protest? They are against what they say is the national “demonization” of the drug and state "it’s incomprehensible why cannabis unlike alcohol, cannot be legally purchased”.

The police are now facing an uphill battle to stop the plants from sprouting whilst the activists are encouraging people to send in pictures of any that they see growing, and at the moment it seems like they are everywhere.