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Doritos Handed Out By Police In Seattle For Munchies At Hempfest

It’s not often the police have got your back when you’re enjoying some of your favourite herb, but that was the case this weekend in Washington state.

With the recent change of legalisation making recreational cannabis legal in Washington State, Hempfest has been held over the weekend and there’s not much the police could do about the fans attending and the consumption of large amounts of weed. To counteract any possible law breaking they took a novel approach to keeping all the people looking to get high in line.

To explain the rules surrounding recreational marijuana use in the state they hit up on the idea of targeting people with the munchies by applying stickers to Doritos bags and handing them out.

It’s a refreshing change from the prejudice often felt from law enforcement officials towards cannabis smokers and great to see them taking a common sense approach.