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Spannabis 2015 Champions Cup Award Winners - the results!

Spannabis Champions Cup 2015
Looking for the Spannabis 2016 results? You can find them here.

Further to our report from this year's Spannabis which you can read about here - we now have the big winners at the Spannabis Champions Cup 2015.

There were prizes for Barney's Farm with Critical Kush and Triple Cheese, Dutch Passion for The Edge, Strain Hunters with Caboose and Delicious Seeds for Critical Kali Mist among others.

The Winners

Best Seed Bank: Genehtik
Best Booth: Barney's Farm
Best Paraphenalia Product: Sublimator

Indoors Hydro

1. Critical Kush - Barney's Farm
2. Amnesia Mistery - Positronics Seeds


1. Dutch Passion - The Edge
2. Cheese - Tierramadre Growshop
3. Critical Kali Mist - Delicious Seeds

Indoors Bio

1. Super Cheese - Positronics Seeds
2. Tangi - DNA Genetics
3. Caboose - Strain Hunters

Best Resin

1. Mandarine Hash - Tierramadre Growshop
2. Negra 44 - Houseplant and R-Kiem
3. Original Bubblegum iceolator - TH Seeds

Best Extractions

1. Shoreline Live Resin - Devil's Harvest Seeds and Nector Sector
2. Sour Ripper - La Grow Central and Ripper Seeds
3. Triple Cheese - Barney's Farm

Congratulations to all the winners - we'll see you all again for Spannabis 2016.

Were you at this years event? What do you think about this years winners?
Let us know in the comments section below.

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