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Freedom Seeds - Kush #6 - a new name for a great strain

Freedom Seeds - Kush no6 launch

We've got a new name for one of our original strains - Kush #6.

First launched as Section 6; our souped up Kush still delivers everything you would expect from a plant with such illustrious pedigree.

Only now the new name lets you know you're dealing with a Kush before you get to the small print.

Kush strains have long been popular among discerning cannabis smokers. This stocky indica variation of killer ganja, has been growing in the mountainous borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan as far back as the 7th Century B.C making it possibly, the oldest pot on the planet. In recent times we have seen its popularity grow with Kush crosses such as OG Kush and Critical Kush.

When we created our own variety of Kush we originally named the strain after Section 6 of the UK Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 which reads ‘It shall not be lawful for a person to cultivate any plant of the genus Cannabis’ – take note.

For a long time cannabis strain names have been unreliable and confusing. We figured why complicate things? Best call it what it is Kush #6 same strain, new Kush name.

I am not just a number - I am Kush #6