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Stoner Gifts - Summer Special

Stoner Gifts - Summer Special - Freedom Seeds

Whether you’re staying put in the garden this summer or packing your rucksack for a party in a field, you can't beat the great outdoors in the summer months.

Come rain or shine we’re here to make sure you're ready for the festival season with this neat guide to Summer Stoner Gifts to keep you high, dry and entertained.

Some useful, some clever, some downright ridiculous - these goodies will make your festival experience a great one - you may even be the envy of the camp site!

Diffraction Sunglasses

Diffraction SunglassesThese awesome kaleidoscope spectacles split and multiply light to create the effect of rainbows around you. Fantastic anywhere but even more amazing in places with lots of lights, for example in front of the main stage.

Why not grab a packet of 50 paper glasses to hand out to the crowd? As chances are if you're generous enough to lend yours out you won’t be getting them back.

Grab yours now from Rainbow FX.


Stash the Stash

Abscent MindedLast thing you want to worry about is the possibility of a strip search; put your mind at ease and invest in an odour proof bag by Abscent Minded

Offering layers of protection that effectively absorb the strongest smells. Each bag is meticulously constructed featuring odour eating flaps and lined with a carbon liner to ensure your stash stays stashed. They offer a range of bags from pocket sized to toiletry bags all the way up to a duffel bag for those of you with a very substantial stash.

Available here From €15.00-€329.00

Breezy Bed

Breezy BedLeave your fold up chairs at home this year and opt for the compact and easy to carry Breezy Bed.

This inflatable seating option is easy to inflate and deflate; simply open one end of the Breezy Bed and swoosh it through the air. We hear it takes a little practice but it saves messing around with a pump or wasting the lung power required. It can even be used in a pool as a lilo!

Available in assorted colours from prezzybox.com


Pocket Dabs

Urban Glassware - Pocket Dabs
Leave your hand blown custom glass at home and take this Mini Spiral Rig with you anywhere. Small enough it can fit in a pocket or bag which is perfect for outdoor dabs whilst you’re on the go!

Get over to Urban Glassware for reasonably priced glass for both the seasoned dabbers and the newbies to the scene.

Pictured £44.95

Blow Clouds

CraftyTake off this summer with the Crafty portable vape from Storz and Bickel. This pocket sized vape is easy to use with only one button and the rest is controlled using an app via your smart phone.

Extremely consistent this really is one of the easiest vapes to use, just load the amount you want and go. Charging is made simple via a USB cable; we recommend investing in a power bank which should last you a few days depending on how hard you're puffing!

Available online.

Puk Yeah

Puk 6 ShooterFlavour chaser's everywhere will be celebrating this summer with this Puk Glass Six Shooter Pipe. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio this pipe lets you load up 0.5 gram servings in to its 6 chamber design so you can have a fresh bowl packed and ready to pass around, or extra pre-packed bowls to get you through a long day out! About the size of a hockey puk, the top piece of the PUK Pipe is held by a powerful magnet, keeping your herb safely in place.

Pick yours up from Pure Sativa.

Protect Your Skin with Yaoh Hemp Sun Block

Yaoh Hemp Sun BlockYoah are a Bristol based company with a wide range of hemp body care and food products. Their hemp seed oil sun cream combines natural protection using plant extracts and no nasty chemicals making it vegan friendly. Check out Yoah's Sun Block for those who require a little more protection from the sun’s rays.

Available here.


Carry on Camping

VW Camper Van TentWhy take shelter in some boring, conventional tent this festival season when you could recreate the Summer of Love in this hippie-tastic VW Camper Van Tent.

Officially licensed, this spectacular four man tent is a full size replica of the iconic 1965 Volkswagen Camper Van.

There’s more to this sophisticated surfer-mobile than mere good looks – just like its vehicular counterpart you can stand up inside – handy if you don’t fancy crawling around on your hands and knees.

Available online here

Fight the Festival Funk with a Pocket Shower

Sea to Summit Pocket ShowerThe Sea to Summit Pocket Shower is an extremely compact and lightweight portable shower kit. It is perfect to take into the woods with you, or on any sort of trip where you are unable to access regular showers.

Top Tip: Be sure to pack swimwear or you could risk flashing an entire campsite.

Available here.


Freshen up with Canawipes

CanawipesIf complete cleanliness at a festival is a step too far; we've found you another option in the form of an adult baby wipe.

Specially formulated cleaning towels that will leave your hands and body clean, dry and smelling nice. Canawipes are the quick, simple and water-less solution to festival bathing; infused with four different skin conditioners so keeping your skin soft at the same time.

Shop direct from Canawipes.com


Thirst Quencher – Chillys Water Bottle

Chillys Water BottleHaving fun is thirsty work and water at a festival can be quite the commodity; save yourself some money by investing in a reuseable bottle that you can refill whilst you're there.

The Chilly’s Bottle is not only a splendid design but their performance is unrivalled. Using an advanced double-wall vacuum technology, the Chilly’s Bottle is able to keep your water ice-cold for up to 24 hours – whatever the weather!

Get yours now here.


Keep the fire burning

CampstoveNow for the ultimate camping gadget; a wood burning camp stove that charges your smart phone! The BioLite CampStove generates usable electricity so that your personal devises can be charged via USB.

Burning only wood, the CampStove provides a smokeless campfire that has the ability to cook meals and boil water in minutes.

Available online here.


Jammin', Freedom, Destiny

House of Marley Blue Hemp AudioHouse of Marley have launched an eco-conscious audio electronics collection, Blue Hemp Audio, which encompasses Bob Marley's vision of One Love, One World.

Made from recycled materials and ethically sourced FSC-certified wood these speakers are made with the Earth in mind helping to minimize the impact on the waste system.

They fit nicely in any outdoor setting with the added advantage of wireless connectivity; allowing you to change playlists as the mood takes you without moving from your hammock!

Available from House of Marley


Play Smart – Drug test kits

Drug Testing KitsCome prepared with these easy to use presumptive testing kits from EZtestkits.com

Small enough to fit in your pocket these tests have the ability to not only tell you what you're taking but also give you an indication of the purity levels of your preferred dabble.

Sometimes substances can be hard to distinguish, give yourself peace of mind and grab a multi pack of these test kits for you and your buddies.

Prices from £3.50

Fashion Killer

When it comes to summer and fashion; there’s little more satisfying than a wearing a T-shirt with your favourite design or slogan on it. We’ve found some options that could well be in your casual collection soon.

Kush Friendly are a US based clothing company with some interesting designs based on the stoner lifestyle. Prices from $28.00

Dank of England is currently touring the UK festival scene in a VW Camper Pop up Shop. If you don't spot him on his travels you can always pick a t-shirt up via dankofengland.com £19.99

Giddy Tees are a group of 3 guys who work part time in the day by night they are passionate creators of mind-expanding, silly, thought-provoking whimsical t-shirts. Check out the full collection online here. Starting at £13.50

Stoner Gifts tshirts

And finally

We have two new t-shirts to show you that are sure to go down a storm at any music event or festival this summer.

With a nod to 1960’s pop artist Roy Lichtenstein we present to you our ‘fuck ‘em and their law’ Molotov design. Tell it like it is!

In a homage to Patrick McGoohan, a man ahead of his time, here is our number 6 t-shirt. McGoohan was famously number 6 in the cult TV series The Prisoner. He resisted every attempt to make him conform but fought for individual freedom till the end, and won.

Available in a range of sizes from Small to XX Large. See the full range here.

Freedom Seeds T-shirts

So there you have it. Yet another bumper selection of the latest and greatest gifts for stoners.

Looking for more gifts? Head over to our 'Stoner Gifts - Christmas Special' here.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below. If you think we’ve missed anything off the list - we may even add it to the list!