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Stoner Gifts Christmas Special


Ask your average stoner what they would like for Christmas, they would probably say “just grab me some new slippers and an eighth.” This may be at the top of their list, but it probably wouldn’t get them through this year’s Doctor Who special.

Luckily for you we've found the best Christmas gifts, guaranteed to put a smile on your stoner's face.

From the price of a gram to the price of an ounce, stoner gifts to get the Ganja bell rocking!


Christmas present clichés can be hard to get away from but, unlike the novelty tie, socks are one of the best gifts to give a stoner! Popular amongst skateboarders and baked potatoes alike, these socks bring the cannabis leaf to the streets in a range of colours to make your feet look neat. Available from HUF.


The Medtainer is great for those looking to store their bud on the go. ‘Store, grind and pour,’ it’s as easy as that. This container is smell proof, air and water tight and available in a range of mix and match colours.

Get yours from Medtainer.

safe__enlargedAlways looking for a new place to hide the piff? Then it’s definitely time for this Rubik’s Cube safe.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to complete the cube before you can unlock your hoard; just turn the middle three layers in a specific combination to access the goodies.

Available online here.


Everyone loves getting a new T-shirt for Christmas. Fortunately for you we’ve sorted through all the crud and found some dope designs for the real cannabis enthusiasts.


THTC are ethically sound and eco-friendly; The Hemp Trading Company makes politically conscious street wear whilst representing the most important commodity of all - the people. From £22.00


If you liked the sound of hemp T-shirts, then head over to Sativa Bags for everything hemp related. With over 20 years involvement in producing and promoting hemp clothing and bags, rest assured these guys have their eco credentials in the right place.
Rucksack £47.99 Hemp Shoulder bag £71.99

Get Crafty

Ever hung out your bedroom window blowing smoke into a toilet roll stuffed with laundry sheets...? No, us neither.
With the Crafty vaporizer you can toke in stealth mode even with Grandma visiting.

Made in Germany this vape is easy to use with only one button, the rest is controlled using an app via your smart phone. Extremely consistent, this pocket sized vape will provide clean high quality vapour and taste for up to 2 hours.

Available online


RYOT utility tool


Perfect for poking, scraping, dabbing, scooping or grinding any substance. This must have item comes with a stylish silicone case with built in wax storage jar.

Available online

Cheech and Chong Glass

Cheech and Chong are well known comedy legends who emerged from the hippy counter-culture of the late 60s and 70s.

So it's no surprise they've given their name to this 12" colour changing bong with a magnetic lighter holder so you never misplace your lighter again. Comes with its own presentation box with a sticker and certificate of authenticity - accept no imitations!

Available in the UK from shivaonline.co.uk

Brussel Sprout Munchies?!


These chocolate brussel sprouts are just like the real thing only without the terrible taste and rotten farts.

Fill up on these chocolate creations this year, much more delicious and much less pretentious than a tray of Ferrero Rocher.

Oh Monsieur, we do spoil you.

Available from online.

Bud Shots

bud shots 3

If there’s one thing stoners like, it’s looking at pictures of weed.

Now you can really impress with this top of the range bit of kit.

The olloclip is a clip-on lens for your smart phone. Features 10x macro, 15x macro options for those canna close-ups with the added option of wide angle and fish eye too.

Available here


Girl Necklace

Many of the gifts on our list are unisex, but if you’re looking for stoner gifts for her then you could do a lot worse than this THC molecule necklace from Arohasil Silhouettes.

They offer molecules from caffeine to cocaine - but as you might suspect we maintain THC is best!



Sometimes the only thing that can beat the winter holiday folderol is a warm soapy bath.

Bud Suds promote quality handcrafted soaps that will leave you feeling silky smooth.

True herbalists must try these hemp infused soaps. Bud Suds from £10.99

Spliff Candles

Another Christmas classic - smellies.

Although these might not be the type of smellies you'd want to give to your mum or your nan.

Spark these bad boys up and wish a stoner a Merry Spliffmas with joint-shaped candles.


Get lit this Christmas

We think the price of this candle is outrageous but if you've got more money than sense...

Stick it up your nose with this cannabis scented candle!

Available from Brummells of London

The Neutralizer


The Neutralizer Road Kit plugs directly into any car or van and neutralizes the smell of cannabis by using a secret blend of over 140 essential oils. Once plugged in this device takes five minutes to start spreading a pleasant fresh smell that gives you piece of mind.

Available online here.


Mr SmileyOnce you have exhausted all conversation with the relations, it’s handy to have a book to hide behind. We’ve hand picked a couple for the seasoned tokers out there.

Mr Smiley is the last book from the late Howard Marks. Author of the million-copy seller of Mr Nice.

Britain’s most famous drug smuggler picks up after being released from an American penitentiary and heads straight to the party island of Ibiza.


Want a definitive guide on Cannabis? Get it straight from the horse’s mouth; Jorge Cervantes!

With The Cannabis Encyclopedia he’s kindly written a mighty tome on everything cannabis related.

Step-by-step easy instructions, whether your passion is Cultivation, Consumption or Cooking; this guarantees to be a page turner.


Christmas Cards

About ready to go cold turkey on Christmas consumerism?
Send these rebellious cards to your nearest and dearest; with reference to popular drug culture, organised religion and multi-national corporations.
These cards are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

And finally…

We thought it'd be a bit daft not to include our very own t-shirts - produced in collaboration with THTC. These organic cotton tees will have you feeling and looking the part.


Men's t-shirts are available in a range of sizes from Small to XX Large.

Ladies 'Molotov Cocktail' t-shirt is available in a range from XS to XL.

All t-shirts are available in store or online £11.95

So there you have it. A bumper selection of the latest and greatest gifts for stoners this Christmas.

Hit us up in the comment section if you think we’ve missed anything off our stoner wish list - we may even add it to the list if it's good enough :)

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