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The whole world is going to pot

Whilst losing their collective minds and voting for Trump as President; parts of America also voted for cannabis reform.

California, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maine all voted for adults to be allowed to use cannabis for recreational use.

Four other states all passed bills for medical cannabis; meaning cannabis can now be used to treat a number of ailments.


Arizona rejected the proposition which would have allowed adults to possess up to an ounce and up to six plants at home.

Back in 2012 when Colorado and Washington state legalised it was as if a spark had been lit, now it seems the rest of America wants to stoke the fire of legalisation.

California, which recently overtook the UK to have the fifth biggest economy in the world, is expected to have a recreational cannabis market worth over $50 billion within ten years. It is the most populous state with 39 million people, which means that nearly 20% of Americans live in jurisdictions where cannabis is now legal.

As it stands cannabis is still illegal under federal law; which is an unsustainable anomaly that cannot continue indefinitely.

As president Obama remarked last week “For the Justice Department, the DEA and the FBI to try to figure out how they’re supposed to enforce laws in some places and not in others, that is not going to be tenable.”