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  • Product Earth Expo 2016 – The Alternative Trade Show & Festival

    After the success of last year’s event – Product Earth Expo is back for 2016.

    If you haven’t got your ticket yet but are thinking of joining the fun this year - let us tell you why it will be well worth your time.

    Product Earth Expo 2016

    Product Earth Expo is the UK’s number one alternative trade show and festival. Featuring some of the biggest companies in the hemp and cannabis industries and a top notch music line up. Yes siree - it’s set to be a big one.

    When we arrived at the Product Earth Expo last year we weren’t sure what to expect. After all it had been 5 years since the UK had hosted a similar event. And with European events like Spannabis and the High Times Cannabis Cup having differing fortunes it seemed unclear how a UK event would be received.

    After visiting however it was safe to say we were suitably impressed by the well organised, chilled out event. So much so that we felt it only right we get involved this year and show our support.

    Designed as a way to promote the expanding Hemp and Cannabis industry. Product Earth Expo ticks all the boxes and allows the public to see what’s going on, get involved and learn about the newest innovations in this exciting industry.

    Mind you… It’s not a bunch of hippy types in a field either this event really reaches out to a wider audience with something for everyone to get involved in.

    The event encompasses four key areas: Expo, Festival, Camping and Seminar.


    This year the expo/trade show part of the fair will be bigger and better. There will be exhibitors from all kinds of companies, big and small, all with cannabis/hemp at the heart of their business. It’s a great opportunity to meet the clothing manufactures, food producers, seed banks and smoking paraphernalia companies that are shaping the scene.

    Make sure to swing by our stand (E10-E11) where we’ll be offering special discounts throughout the weekend.


    With headline acts such as Grandmaster Flash, Gentlemen’s Dub Club and Mike Skinner alongside sets from the likes of DJ Zinc, Congo Natty and A Skillz it’s an eclectic mix which is sure to attract a good crowd. See you down the front!

    Product Earth 2016 flyer


    Plenty of “festivals” are turning their back on camping in favour of day tickets these days – not so at Product Earth. The camping zones open early from 4pm on Friday 24th June with music running late into the night. This gives you time to arrive, set up and get on it. If camping’s not your thing and you don't own your own mobile home there are plenty of hotels in the vicinity of the arena.


    Most of you reading our blog will know the wonders of hemp and may already benefit from its many good uses; however for those that need convincing Product Earth aims to do just that.

    Hemp plays a huge part in today’s society as we use hemp in botanicals, clothing, shoes and many car companies use hemp in their bodywork due to is lightweight strength and durable qualities.

    Seminars will be held throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday to educate on the history of hemp, its many uses and benefits. There will be discussions on the potential for legalising cannabis in the UK. The seminar area was so well received last year that it has been moved into the centre of the expo as the focal point.

    There are a growing number of people who are looking to use Cannabis medicinally; this event gives people the opportunity to chat and learn from groups like the United Patients Alliance (UPA) who fight for legal access to cannabis for patients with chronic conditions. They had this to say about last year’s event:

    "From the over 18 to the over 70, from a postman to an ex-chief constable, from mothers to teachers, from artists to venture capitalists from those living with cancer, to those trying to live with themselves, horticulturists to entrepreneurs, impassioned speakers to cool and groovy musicians. People."

    That’s the awesome part about Product Earth Expo there is such a diverse crowd that share a similar interest in Hemp.

    All in all Product Earth Expo 2016 is set to be a hemp filled weekend with things to learn, great entertainment, good food and a chance to support the industry we’re all 100% behind.

    If you're looking for tickets you can get them here.

    If you're looking for more info we recommend heading over to the official Product Earth Expo page.

  • Spannabis 2015 - back from Barcelona and world's biggest Cannabis Event

    Spannabis 2015

    We meet Jorge Cervantes and watch some footie

    Just back from Spannabis 2015, a little bleary, the worse for wear & tear. Got rained on, and so did all the exhibitors on the outside stands who had been expecting to be basking in the spring sunshine.

    Luckily that was just a bit of a hitch on Saturday with the rest of the weekend being dry but windy.

    This blip was more than can be said for our European partners in the Netherlands who seem to be stuck in a continuing Dutch winter as news spread of a leading wholesaler who was raided for selling large quantities of cannabis seed. Take note: in some jurisdictions selling a 25 seed pack makes you an accomplice to commercial cultivation, allegedly.

    Jorge Cervantes at Spannabis 2015No such problems for our other European friends in Spain. The annual cannabis jamboree that is the Spannabis Trade Fair is going from strength to strength with another record attendance for the largest cannabis fair in the world. It's facts like these that make it bearable to stand in line for more than an hour to get into the damn venue, although one inevitably suspects that it could be handled more efficiently.

    On the upside we bumped into our old friend Jorge Cervantes, author of the worlds best-selling grow book The Marijuana Horticulture Indoor Outdoor Growers Bible. Jorge, one of the hardest workers and most knowledgeable guys we know has just published his latest & greatest tome ‘The Cannabis Encyclopaedia’ a title that lives up to its name.

    You can see a video of Jorge talking you through the book below. Just off the press, the first copies arrive in the UK in the next couple of weeks. You can pick up one of the first copies here.

    Barcelona, as those of you who have been will know, is a city that delivers in many ways. Strolling around the Gothic Quarter on Sunday evening we stopped off at a bar to watch the classic of the Spanish league, Barcelona (Messi, Suárez) v Real Madrid (Ronaldo, Bale). The screen in the bar was hung in front of a stone wall that was part of the original Roman wall around the city. As expected, the game did not disappoint. The streets were deserted and the bars were packed, the atmosphere was unforgettable. Viva Barcelona, Viva Catalonia, Viva sativa.

    Seriously, if you can make it to Spannabis 2016 you will not regret it.

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  • 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup results - Amsterdam

    2014 High Times Cannabis Cup results

    The 2014 High Times Cannabis cup results are in!

    So the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup results are in, after a bit of confusion at the start of the expo its great to see it ending on a high note.

    Best Coffeeshop Strain
    1 – Cookies Kush by Barney’s Coffeeshop
    2 – OG Reekn by The Green Place
    3 – Pure Kush by The Green House

    Best Sativa by a Seed Company
    1 – Tangie Crockett's Cut by Crockett Family Farms
    2 –Tangie by DNA Genetics
    3 – Lemon Bubble by PhenoFinders

    Best Indica by a Seed Company
    1 – Colorado Bubba by The Vault Genetics
    2 – The Truth by True Canna Genetics
    3 – Kosher Kush by DNA Genetics

    Best Hybrid by a Seed Company
    1 – Larry OG by The Vault Genetics
    2 – Star Killer by Rare Dankness Seeds
    3 – Night Nurse by BC Bud Depot

    Best Import Hash by a Coffeeshop
    1 – Super Lemon Haze Cream by the Green House
    2 – Carmella Cream by Barney’s Coffeeshop
    3 – Twisla by The Green Place

    Best Import Hash (Concentrates) by a Seed Company
    1 – Super Lemon OG Concentrate by Loud Pack Extractions & Greenwolf, LA
    2 – Paris OG Shatter Dab Vader for Oasis Medical Seeds in Flint, MI
    3 – Lemon OG 18 Live Resin by DNA Unlimited

    Best Neder Hash by a Coffeeshop
    1 – Cookies Ice-Cream by Barney’s Coffeeshop
    2 – Green House Ice by The Green House
    3 – Grey Crystan by The Grey Area

    Best Neder Hash by a Seed Company
    1 – The Kong 73 Non-Solvent Hash by The Vault Genetics
    2 – Betty Ross by DNA Grow Your Own
    3 – Barb 99 - Drysift by House of the Great Gardener

    Highest CBD – Concentrates
    CBD Simple from CannaVest

    Highest CBD – Flowers
    CBD Rene by House of the Great Gardener

    Best Glass
    1 – Roor
    2 – Flav421 History in the Making by the Dampkring Gallery
    3 – Team Japan Onigari/ Demon Hunter by the Dampkring Gallery

    Best Product
    1 – The Loud Seeds Gift Bag
    2 – Devil’s Harvest
    3 – Sensi Seeds

    A big congratulations to all the winners!

  • Hampshire Cannabis Club Picnic - Southsea

    It was great to be down at Castle Field in Southsea on Saturday for the Hampshire Cannabis Club awareness picnic.

    It’s been a good few years since the Portsmouth Smokey Bears were holding their picnics on Southsea Common. A few veterans from those days were in attendance and they thought it was great to see a new generation carrying on the campaign.

    Freedom Seeds chatted to lots of people from a diverse range of backgrounds and we were pleased to see so many pick up a copy of our latest catalogue from the information stall.

    You can read the local rags’ report on the event here:

    As with many of these types of events there are various estimates of the numbers who attended. It’s clear that many people that had turned up at the beginning of the day had drifted away as others arrived later in the afternoon. We estimate that the total numbers attending throughout the day was in excess of three figures.

    With no public order offences or arrests made, it’s hard to see how any reasonable person could complain about the right to hold such an event.

  • 420 Hyde Park London

    Unfortunately the weather reports had got it right for a change - it was pissing down with rain.

    With our backpacks loaded with supplies we exited the underground and headed to Speaker’s Corner for the annual 420 cannabis picnic in Hyde Park.

    Organised by London Cannabis Club, NORML UK, and UKCSC, last year’s event boasted attendances in excess of 10,000, hopes had been high for a repeat of this success.

    We made our way through the park and past an alley of old bill in Transits. Not sure if the Royal Parks Police were trying to be funny with their sign ‘Cannabis is illegal, anyone found in possession of drugs will be arrested’ but we all smiled. I couldn’t resist a response to people walking past “Cannabis is indeed illegal, cannabis seeds however are not!”

    After some mingling, during which we saw a few comical arrests for overzealous behaviour more than criminal activity, we pitched up and took in our surroundings. Even in the 30 minutes we had been mingling numbers were swelling and the police were retreating from their original dominant stance to observers on the outskirts.

    We got to work handing out some supplies for the crowds, roach cards with chances to win prizes, pipes, skins, grinders and for a lucky few some free Freedom Seeds for their collection. The response we got was warm and enthusiastic which is as much as we could have ever asked for. People took the time to actually read the literature we handed out and a good way of judging this I feel is how many leaflets you see on the floor surrounding you. I didn’t count one of ours all day.

    It was great to see the weather wasn’t dampening the spirits of those attending and thanks to the amazing work of UKCSC and NORML the public passing the outskirts of the park were given a more palatable introduction to the benefits of cannabis. It truly was a moment to shine a positive light on the culture we all love.

    If you couldn’t make it this year then I don’t think you need worry about London 420 being held in 2015. With ever increasing numbers and press coverage there might be some method to the ‘madness’ that some naysayers (they know who they are) would have you believe this event was.

    If we don’t see you on the grass, we hope to see you next year. Pass the brolly.

    Bottom right photograph credited to Diego Palmerini

  • Spannabis 2014 Cup Award Winners - the results are in!

    Spannabis 2014
    So we’re back from another great weekend in Barcelona for Spannabis 2014. If you haven’t already logged Spannabis in your calendar for 2015 then we seriously suggest you reconsider. Every year this event just gets bigger and better. It’s a great chance to meet up with some of the great and the good of the cannabis scene, and we love catching up with old friends out there. So well done to the organisers who have put on another successful event - and we’ll see you next year.

    But enough from us! What you really want to know is who’s scooped the big prizes this year. So without further ado we present the big cup winners for 2014:

    Best Seed Bank: Dutch Passion

    Indoors Hydro
    1 Cheese Automatic - Big Buddha Seeds
    2 Caramelice - Planet Hemp
    3 Kush Mass - Garden of Green

    1 Chocolope - La Grow Central
    2 Skunk - La Paz Green Shop
    3 Sugar Black Rose - Delicious Seeds

    Indoors Bio
    1 Old School - Ripper Seeds
    2 Flo OG - Rare Dankness
    3 Portela - R-Kiem Seeds

    Best Resin
    1 Mendocino Purple Kush - Medical Seeds
    2 Zombie Hash - La Grow Central
    3 Mandarine - Tierramadre Growshop

    Best Paraphenalia Product: Silika
    Best Cultivation Product: Smart Pot
    Best Fertiliser: TopMax by Biobizz

    Click here for the Spannabis 2013 Cup Winners

    Big Buddha Seeds - Cheese Automatic

    Delicious Seeds - Sugar Black Rose

  • Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Winners 2013

    The biggest and best cannabis cup in the world has been held in Amsterdam once again. Although you may not have been able to make it we have all the results for you right here, some of which like Flowerbomb Kush from Greenhouse Seeds you can buy at Freedom.

    Seed Company Indica:
    1st - Whitewalker OG - Gold Coast Extracts
    2nd - The True OG - Elemental Seeds
    3rd - KnightsBridge O.G - Lady Sativa Genetics

    Seed Company Sativa:
    1st - Tangie - Reserva Privada
    2nd - Sour Power - Hortilab
    3rd - Headbanger - Karma Genetics

    Seed Company Hybrid:
    1st - Somari - Soma's Sacred Seeds
    2nd - Girl Scout Cookies - Tahoe Wellness Cooperative
    3rd - Dieseltonic - Resin Seeds

    Seed Company Hash:
    Lemon Cleaner OG Nectar - TCLabs / TerpX / EmoTek
    Whitewalker OG - Gold Coast Extracts
    Chemblend Solventless Wax - Elemental Seeds / Essential Extracts / Johnny Trill

    CBD Flowers:
    Cannatonic - Elemental Seeds

    CBD Concentrate:
    CBD Simple - Hemp Company / Seed Company

    Best Booth:
    1st - Big Buddha Seeds
    2nd - Devil’s Harvest
    3rd - Sensi Seeds

    Best Product:

    1st - Big Buddha - Buddha Giftbag
    2nd - Cloud V - Cloud V
    3rd - Sublimator - Sublimator

    Coffeeshop Flowers:
    1st - Green Place - Rollex OG Kush
    2nd - Green House - Flowerbomb Kush
    3rd - The Bushdoctor Coffeeshop - Tangie

    Neder Hash:
    1st - Green House - Lemon Crystal
    2nd - Green Place | Shoreline Solventless
    3rd - The Bushdoctor Coffeeshop | Tangie Wax

    Import Hash:

    1st - Green Place - Twizzla
    2nd - Green House - Chemdog Cream
    3rd - The Bushdoctor Coffeeshop - Maroc Lemon Haze

    Best Glass:

    1st - Honey Collabs Collection - Master Yoda / Big Buddha Seeds
    2nd - Silka Glass - Loud / Silka
    3rd - Roor - Ray Pack

  • Freedom Seeds Visit Cannafest 2013

    Historically, momentous events have taken place in Prague, but one weekend you are sure to find peace, harmony and good vibes is during the annual Cannafest trade fair.

    Now in its 4th year, Cannafest has plenty to offer with exhibits from some of the biggest names such as Greenhouse, Strain Hunters, Dutch Passion, Sweet Seeds, Scott Blakey and the CBD Crew to name but a few. With everyone showcasing their latest strains/products/services, it’s like being a kid in a sweet shop. However, we weren’t here just to browse but to also bring you exclusive interviews with some of the key movers & shakers.

    Freedom Seeds not only bring you the best seeds from across the planet but love to lift the lid and show you what is happening in our exciting and diverse industry. Watch our report from Cannafest 2013, a taster of a great event in one of Europe’s top cities. Enjoy!

    Cannafest 2013, Prague

    Dutch Passion Seeds - Cannafest 2013

    Strain Hunters - Cannafest 2013

    Sweet Seeds - Cannafest 2013

    CBD Crew - Scott Blakey Speaks To Freedom
  • Doritos Handed Out By Police In Seattle For Munchies At Hempfest

    It’s not often the police have got your back when you’re enjoying some of your favourite herb, but that was the case this weekend in Washington state.

    With the recent change of legalisation making recreational cannabis legal in Washington State, Hempfest has been held over the weekend and there’s not much the police could do about the fans attending and the consumption of large amounts of weed. To counteract any possible law breaking they took a novel approach to keeping all the people looking to get high in line.

    To explain the rules surrounding recreational marijuana use in the state they hit up on the idea of targeting people with the munchies by applying stickers to Doritos bags and handing them out.

    It’s a refreshing change from the prejudice often felt from law enforcement officials towards cannabis smokers and great to see them taking a common sense approach.

  • Spannabis 2013 - Freedom Seeds Youtube Channel

    Freedom Seeds got a chance to travel out to Barcelona for Spannabis 2013. We were lucky enough to catch up with many of the main movers and shakers in the cannabis industry. Including Remo from Urban Grower, Howard Marks, Jorge Cervantes, Juan Carlos from Spannabis, Maico from Royal Queen Seeds, Arjan from Green House Seeds, Jouke from Dutch Passion, Derry from Barney's Farm and Milo from Big Buddha.

    We've created a YouTube channel so you can see the exclusive interviews we managed to get with many of these guys. Please have a look and keep your eyes peeled for more videos from Freedom Seeds in the future. If you'd like to stay up to date with all the latest videos make sure to subscribe to the Freedom Seeds channel.

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