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  • Serious Seeds Happiness - New Strain

    We often get new strain releases but rarely do we get a limited edition strain release like Serious Seeds Happiness.
    Serious Seeds have combined their Warlock father with their legendary AK-47 mother and the result is Serious Happiness! But with only 4000 packs being produced you need to be fast to get your hands on these seeds!

    This hybrid brings happiness twice. First, you will be happy about how easy she is to cultivate with a perfect hybrid structure for indoor growing. Happiness produces several side branches spaced evenly apart, with big buds and very little leaf so she is also easy to manicure.

    The aromas and tastes coming from this plant are sweet and fruity with the occasional spicy note. When smoked she can also produce a sugary aftertaste, which is where she produces happiness for the second time. The effects are a long lasting buzz that combines a nice body stone with an incredible heady high.

    The name Happiness came after this strain was smoked for the first time because that’s exactly how the grower feels, happy while she grows and seriously happy when she is finished.

    Serious seeds aren't the biggest seedbank/a> around and have never strived to be. The company states "We strive to develop new and interesting plants with good medicinal properties, which are stable and easy to grow, in order for caregivers to be able to provide high-quality medicine for medicinal cannabis patients. This means we don't work to produce something new every year for commercial reasons or to compete in the next contest. We want to put a new name out when we think we have something worth while for medicinal users, pot growers and smokers to try out."

    Saying that they have won their fair share of cannabis cups with such delights as Kali mist, White Russian and Warlock.

    Click here to order your Happiness now.

    Serious Seeds Happiness

  • Hampshire Cannabis Club Picnic - Southsea

    It was great to be down at Castle Field in Southsea on Saturday for the Hampshire Cannabis Club awareness picnic.

    It’s been a good few years since the Portsmouth Smokey Bears were holding their picnics on Southsea Common. A few veterans from those days were in attendance and they thought it was great to see a new generation carrying on the campaign.

    Freedom Seeds chatted to lots of people from a diverse range of backgrounds and we were pleased to see so many pick up a copy of our latest catalogue from the information stall.

    You can read the local rags’ report on the event here:

    As with many of these types of events there are various estimates of the numbers who attended. It’s clear that many people that had turned up at the beginning of the day had drifted away as others arrived later in the afternoon. We estimate that the total numbers attending throughout the day was in excess of three figures.

    With no public order offences or arrests made, it’s hard to see how any reasonable person could complain about the right to hold such an event.

  • Dutch Passion Desfran Cannabis Seeds In Stock!

    New in at Freedom Seeds. The latest release from Dutch Passion.

    Desfrán is a legendary variety in South America and a multiple award winners of many cannabis cups. Desfrán is the result of crossing Destroyer with Destroyer, she was originally a 3-way crossing of Mexican Oaxaca, Colombian Punto Rojo and Meao Thai. This strain made its way to Dutch Passion thanks to Alberto from Argentina. Alberto is a Master Grower, Cannabis Connoisseur and owner of Haze Magazine. Their first project together was to introduce Desfrán to Europe.

    During vegetative growth Desfrán needs little nutrition. She grows well in soil especially with plenty of root space, and grows vigorously using other grow methods too. Desfrán is 100% Sativa so she can grow very tall and develops long branches which will dominate any space. In vegetative growth the stem can produce intense fruity aromas when rubbed.

    During flower she stretches and can triple her height. Desfrán is very resinous variety and usually takes 9-10 weeks to flower. Desfrán has a fruity aroma like pear and green apples, the taste is like enjoying a pear caramel with hints of grape and melon. Desfrán produces unusually dense and compact flowers for a sativa. When dried, the flowers look like glazed pine cones. Early harvest can result in a very cerebral and psychedelic high, if you harvest Desfrán late she tastes sweeter and is a true destroyer. Desfrán is one of the best varieties Alberto has ever seen, we hope you will think the same.

    Dutch Passion - DesfranDutch Passion - Desfran

  • Indica vs Sativa - What's the difference?

    Looking to become a true cannabis connoisseur?

    Being able to tell the difference between indica and sativa strains is a great place to start.

    We've found that while many people are aware of indica and sativa strains, there seems to be uncertainty as to what exactly sets the two apart. So if you're looking for a practical, quick-fire guide to some of the key differences, you'll love this infographic.

    Indica vs Sativa - What's the difference?

    Indica vs Sativa - what's the difference?

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  • Cheapest Kiwi Seeds On Sale

    Kiwiseeds launched their seedbank in 2002. They started with an original genetic pool of primarily sativa and haze types discovered by travellers in Asia and South America that were once the mainstay of the New Zealand/South Pacific cannabis industry. Following years of selective breeding Kiwiseeds transformed these strains into their own unique hybrids. They quickly gained a reputation for tall and fast growing outdoor plants with some of the highest THC content around.

    One of their most famous strains is the 2 Pounder, a strain that is incredibly popular with guerrilla growers. Developed and stabilised outdoors in New Zealand, its massive yields are the subject of local legend with up to 1kg being the norm for an outside grow.

    2 Pounder’s flowering period of 75+ days combines huge yields with one of the hardiest mould resistant strains known. Indoors, with a little bending and training, you can expect 600g/m2, making this versatile strain a truly great all-rounder.

    Other popular Kiwiseeds strains include Cannabis Cup award winners Mako Haze (Best Sativa 2006) and Mount Cook (Best Indica 2008), as well as Kiwiskunk, Hindu Kush, Milkyway and Daddy’s Girl.

    We are proud to stock these superb genetics and make them available to you now at the best possible price.

  • FreeBD by Freedom Seeds - new strain release

    Freedom Seed - FreeBD

    This isn't just another strain release

    Working in collaboration with the pioneers of genuinely high CBD strains (the CBD Crew), we are proud to announce that we are the first UK seedbank to offer a CBD medicinal seed. With equal 1:1 ratios of THC and CBD, backed up with a gas chromatography lab report and carrying the CBD Crew holographic seal of authenticity, this is the real deal.

    If you haven’t heard and don’t know what the fuss is about, allow me… CBD is one of over 80 cannabinoids found in cannabis. Most of us are familiar with THC, the cannabinoid famous for getting you stoned, whereas CBD is not essentially psychoactive in the same way but is claimed by many to have anti-inflammatory properties and can help to alleviate symptoms of anorexia, insomnia, muscular aches and pains, depression and the side effects of serious illness.

    For more on this check our earlier blog on this subject - Here

    Read our interview with CBD Crew breeder Scott Blakey - Here

    This isn’t just another ‘medical’ strain release. This is FreeBD, this is the future. Available here

    Freedom Seeds - FreeBD

  • 420 Hyde Park London

    Unfortunately the weather reports had got it right for a change - it was pissing down with rain.

    With our backpacks loaded with supplies we exited the underground and headed to Speaker’s Corner for the annual 420 cannabis picnic in Hyde Park.

    Organised by London Cannabis Club, NORML UK, and UKCSC, last year’s event boasted attendances in excess of 10,000, hopes had been high for a repeat of this success.

    We made our way through the park and past an alley of old bill in Transits. Not sure if the Royal Parks Police were trying to be funny with their sign ‘Cannabis is illegal, anyone found in possession of drugs will be arrested’ but we all smiled. I couldn’t resist a response to people walking past “Cannabis is indeed illegal, cannabis seeds however are not!”

    After some mingling, during which we saw a few comical arrests for overzealous behaviour more than criminal activity, we pitched up and took in our surroundings. Even in the 30 minutes we had been mingling numbers were swelling and the police were retreating from their original dominant stance to observers on the outskirts.

    We got to work handing out some supplies for the crowds, roach cards with chances to win prizes, pipes, skins, grinders and for a lucky few some free Freedom Seeds for their collection. The response we got was warm and enthusiastic which is as much as we could have ever asked for. People took the time to actually read the literature we handed out and a good way of judging this I feel is how many leaflets you see on the floor surrounding you. I didn’t count one of ours all day.

    It was great to see the weather wasn’t dampening the spirits of those attending and thanks to the amazing work of UKCSC and NORML the public passing the outskirts of the park were given a more palatable introduction to the benefits of cannabis. It truly was a moment to shine a positive light on the culture we all love.

    If you couldn’t make it this year then I don’t think you need worry about London 420 being held in 2015. With ever increasing numbers and press coverage there might be some method to the ‘madness’ that some naysayers (they know who they are) would have you believe this event was.

    If we don’t see you on the grass, we hope to see you next year. Pass the brolly.

    Bottom right photograph credited to Diego Palmerini

  • Strain Hunters Barcelona Social Club Opening Night

    Strain Hunters Seed Bank

    Opening Night…

    Located at the end of an unassuming side street off La Rambla, there’s little hint from the outside of the hubbub going on within Barcelona’s latest smoke-filled cannabis club: Strain Hunters.

    Since first officially appearing in Spain some years ago, cannabis social clubs have taken advantage of the country’s more relaxed attitude toward personal cannabis cultivation to create an environment where members and guests can relax and enjoy the fruits of their collective labours in an area of hazy legality.

    With the majority of these clubs in the Catalan and Basque regions, and Spain fast becoming the new mecca for cannabis tourism, it’s small wonder the guys from the Greenhouse/Strain Hunters seed companies have decided to get in on the action at its epicentre in Barcelona.

    Although not yet officially licensed to sell beer let alone weed, Strain Hunters Club, or ‘SH Club’ for short, is packed solid with invited guests looking to check out this latest step on the road to cannabis acceptability.

    Video screens hung from the walls showing Strain Hunters films along with a gallery of framed photographs featuring Richard Branson, Rihanna, Woody Harrelson & Alicia Keyes pressing flesh with the head honchos from the Greenhouse. I had a feeling of standing in some weird confluence of mainstream fame and counterculture lawlessness.

    Tokers from across the world partied shoulder-to-shoulder and experienced this very Spanish phenomenon in a scene reminiscent of a prohibition-era speakeasy.

    With benches at the front and a more relaxed seating area out back complete with DJ spinning tunes, if it wasn’t for the thick fog of weed smoke turning the air opaque this could be any other busy hipster bar on a Saturday night.

    Strain Hunters Barcelona Social Club Opening Night

    Strain Hunters Barcelona Social Club Opening Night

    Strain Hunters Barcelona Social Club Opening Night

    Strain Hunters Barcelona Social Club Opening Night

    Strain Hunters Barcelona Social Club Opening Night

    Strain Hunters Barcelona Social Club Opening Night

    Strain Hunters Barcelona Social Club Opening Night

    Strain Hunters Barcelona Social Club Opening Night

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  • Project Storm - Does Cannabis Kill Cancer?

    Recently there has a been a shift in the cannabis world. Much focus is now being made on truly medical strains and the impact cannabis, as a whole, can have on serious illness.

    Project Storm follows the work of the Bud Buddies as they work alongside patients to push forward and highlight the possible cancer fighting properties of CBD and THC rich cannabis oil.

    What makes the Bud Buddies stand out from the crowd is their determination, commitment to hard scientific facts and the character to stand up to what they see as cruel and unjust laws preventing this treatment.

    This documentary follows Brian, Reka, Tim, Jackie and the children. They plan to give people real time information about their journey to seeking the truth about the anti-cancer properties of cannabis.

    It all comes down to one question, does cannabis really cure cancer?

    Donate to project storm here
    Help create awareness by liking their Facebook page here

    You can find strains with a 1:1 THC to CBD Ratio at Freedom Seeds from the seedbanks below.

  • Spannabis 2014 Cup Award Winners - the results are in!

    Spannabis 2014
    So we’re back from another great weekend in Barcelona for Spannabis 2014. If you haven’t already logged Spannabis in your calendar for 2015 then we seriously suggest you reconsider. Every year this event just gets bigger and better. It’s a great chance to meet up with some of the great and the good of the cannabis scene, and we love catching up with old friends out there. So well done to the organisers who have put on another successful event - and we’ll see you next year.

    But enough from us! What you really want to know is who’s scooped the big prizes this year. So without further ado we present the big cup winners for 2014:

    Best Seed Bank: Dutch Passion

    Indoors Hydro
    1 Cheese Automatic - Big Buddha Seeds
    2 Caramelice - Planet Hemp
    3 Kush Mass - Garden of Green

    1 Chocolope - La Grow Central
    2 Skunk - La Paz Green Shop
    3 Sugar Black Rose - Delicious Seeds

    Indoors Bio
    1 Old School - Ripper Seeds
    2 Flo OG - Rare Dankness
    3 Portela - R-Kiem Seeds

    Best Resin
    1 Mendocino Purple Kush - Medical Seeds
    2 Zombie Hash - La Grow Central
    3 Mandarine - Tierramadre Growshop

    Best Paraphenalia Product: Silika
    Best Cultivation Product: Smart Pot
    Best Fertiliser: TopMax by Biobizz

    Click here for the Spannabis 2013 Cup Winners

    Big Buddha Seeds - Cheese Automatic

    Delicious Seeds - Sugar Black Rose

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