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Green House Seeds Arjan Haze #3 is a tall plant with long branches, this Haze performs extremely well both indoors and out. A big THC-producer and an elegant smoke, with trippy undertones. The Arjan’s Haze #3 is the easiest-to-grow and the shortest sativa in the Arjan’s Haze family. Shorter, stalkier, bushier than her sisters, the plant can be easily mistaken for an indica when looking from a distance. But don’t be fooled! This is a really spicy, woody, incense-like sativa. It has a really smooth uplifting high, full of energizing moments. It’s cannabis seeds produce a flavour is intense and a bit edgy although not too complex. The best way to grow the Arjan Haze#3 is by allowing the plants full development (they will not stretch too much anyway). Give the root system some space and you’ll be rewarded with amazing production. Start pH at low levels in hydro systems (5.5 in growth, slowly up to 5.8 at beginning of flowering, hit 6.0 during week 3 of flowering, finish the crop at 6.5) and make sure to add some P and K during week 3-4-5-6 of flowering. The leaves on this strain tend to get yellow pretty fast, so in an outdoors context. It is recommended some bone meal or some dry blood during the beginning of flowering. Just to help it stay green long enough. Flowering Outdoors for Arjan Haze #3 takes between 10-11 weeks and will finish mid October in Northern hemisphere and mid May in the Southern hemisphere. Cerebral high with a trippy feeling.

Additional information

Flowering Time

70 days


Haze x Laos


Sativa 70% Indica 30%



CBD Level


CBN Level


THC Level


Oudoor Harvest

Mid October