Freedom Seeds Smokey Bear review by Clark French

We’re really pleased to have Clark French on board for this special blog post. For those of you that don’t know – Clark is an MS patient and cannabis activist. He has worked with NORML UK and just this year founded United Patients Alliance – a group founded to represent the interests of medical cannabis patients in the UK. In this guest blog post Clark gives a really thorough strain review on our very own Smokey Bear.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some buds & concentrates of Freedom Seeds’ Smokey Bear so I thought it would be more than appropriate to write a review of what I thought of it. The Smokey Bear is a Jack Herer, AK47 and a Ruderalis to gain the auto flowering trait.


The buds look gorgeous, really dense and trichome covered. The trichome content it actually really impressive especially under the microscope. You wouldn’t be able to tell that this was an autoflowering strain from looking at it. The greens of the bud structure are quite dark and pastel, there is some hints of purple on some of the tips. The shatter is Qwiso and a nice constituency and colour it has a slightly orange tint to it.


The smell on this is very AK47 dominant. It’s quite a difficult aroma to describe, kind of metallic berries/grapes but not quite. There is a very earthy and pungent lower note with the berries smell a middle fruitiness which is reminiscent of white grapes and the lighter metallic like higher notes make this a very stinky specimen indeed.


The taste of Smokey Bear is nice. The smell does come through quite as strongly in the flavour but it tastes quite pungent. The berries and grapes are definitely there but they are joined by a slightly oak smoked woodiness which is probably not my personal favourite but I know people who really love it, like whisky connoisseurs or something – so I’m told anyway! The Qwiso is incredibly flavourful and a pleasure to dab on my rig.


As a medical patient I found this was good for pain relief, it helped with tightness and spasticity though maybe not as much as it helped with the pain. I found that I was quite hungry after medicating so this could be good for patients who are undertaking some pharmaceutical medicines which might be finding it hard to eat. The concentrates are as you would expect, much stronger and has more of an effect on my symptoms.

I don’t feel too high when medicating with Smokey Bear and I can function well. Though people who have a lower tolerance say it does have psychoactive effects on them especially the concentrates. For me Smokey Bear is definitely one for the day time when you have things to do.


A nice strain which I really enjoyed using. The colours and bud structures were particularly beautiful as was the trichome content which is why it made some great Qwiso.

Clark French

You can find the United Patients Alliance website here.

Grab a packet of Smokey Bear here.

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