Stoner Gifts Christmas Special

Ask many stoners what they would like for Christmas and they would probably say “bag of weed and some papers.” This may be at the top of their list, but it probably wouldn’t be enough to get them through the Bake Off Christmas special.

Luckily for you we’ve put together a list of the best Christmas gifts, guaranteed to put a smile on your stoner’s face.

From the price of a gram to the price of an ounce, stoner gifts to get the Ganja bell rocking!

Chocolate Buds

Get involved in the new novelty chocolate craze that’s taken the states by storm and featured in various media outlets and endorsed by many famous celebrities and actors.

Made and packaged to look like a jar of massive buds, perfect for the after session snack.

Available in many different strain flavours like Strawberry Gelato and Tangerine Dream.


Up In Smoke

Cheech and Chong are well known comedy legends who emerged from the hippy counter-culture of the late 60s and early 70s.

They’re endorsing a range of colour changing bongs, this example has a magnetic lighter holder so you never misplace your lighter again.

Supplied with a lush presentation box with a sticker and certificate of authenticity – accept no imitations!

Available in the UK from

Prices from £34.99 to £89.99

Get lit this Christmas

Another Christmas classic.. Candles!

Although these might not be the type of candles you’d want to give to your Nan.

Spark these bad boys up and wish a stoner a Merry Spliffmas with joint-shaped candles, available here

Box of 8 – £8.00

Stash the stash

Always looking for a place to hide the piff?

Then it’s definitely time for this Rubik’s Cube safe.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to complete the cube before you can unlock your hoard; just turn the middle three layers in a specific combination to access the goodies.

Available online here


Fast Buds Promo

Cannabis Queens

The green leaf has never been so fashionable.

Now you can celebrate your love for this provocative plant by buying the one you love these fun leggings!

Not for the shrinking violets out there but we’re sure some of you will be brave enough to rock these leafy leggings all day long!

Buy your loved one a pair from


Ice, Ice Baby...

Introducing Abashiri Blue Beer from Japan.

It’s not even a little bit blue, its really blue.

This striking beer achieves its unique hue by using a blend of blue seaweed and locally grown flowers, it even contains water from melted icebergs!

Sip this beautiful blue brew and immerse yourself in the wild and colourful flavours of the frozen Abashiri coastline.

Grab a 4 pack for £12.99 from

For the senses...

Once you have exhausted all conversation with the relations, it’s handy to have a book to hide behind.

We’ve hand picked a couple for the seasoned tokers out there.

The Scratch and Sniff book of Weed is a sensory trip into the world of green stuff.

Learn all about the science behind the munchies, the botanical link between beer and weed and did you know you could sniff or nibble peppercorns to reduce the paranoia? Incredible!

Entertaining, informative and beautifully illustrated – its the perfect gift for cannabis enthusiasts everywhere.

£11.75 from

F*ck, that's delicious

Hip hop and food aficionado Action Bronson brings you his very own cook book.

The book mixes recipes and memoir from Bronson sharing memories of food and cooking alongside stories from his life on the road.

Fuck, That’s Delicious will also feature graphic art, illustrations, food and backstage photography, storyboards from Bronson’s music videos and scans of handwritten lyrics.

£15.00 from

So there you have it. A bumper selection of the latest and greatest gifts for stoners this Christmas.

Hit us up if you think we’ve missed anything off our stoner wish list – we may even add it to the list if it’s good enough 🙂

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