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AK Cheesecake makes thick and heavy buds oozing with the hefty Cheese phenos combined with some serious stinky Skunk reminding us of the stronger old school Skunk hybrids of the 1990´s.

The AK47 we used is a Cannabis Cup winning (Serious Seeds) clone we kept since 2003 and an obvious Indica dominant phenotype of this mostly Sativa strain, this combination of AK47 and Exodus gives big buds of incredibly quality.

One extra point of interest is the potential Cherry phenotype that comes from the Indica dominant AK47, although uncommon and hard to stabilize by inbreeding, this rare Cherry pheno is hidden in the DNA of this strain and waiting to be found by those lucky growers who can invest time and resources to hunt for rare phenotypes.

Of course the Cheese in this hybrid strain makes this a very strong smelling strain and adequate filters need to be installed before attempting to hide this growth from your friends or foe´s, and you will make both when you let them smell these buds.

The AK47 is an old clone and adds stability and uniformity when growing the AK Cheesecake, but our inbred Cheese line does add the potential of slight phenotype difference mostly showing in terpene content within the large amounts of resin and offering a few slightly different flavors.

As always an easy to grow strain, Seedism breeders prefer to use regular non-feminized genetics to build their new strains before feminizing the new hybrid so you can expect uniformity and vigor in your garden.

AK Cheesecake is a good yielding stink-bomb, the AK47 adds a lot of density and size to the Skunk´s high inter-nodal bud sites, this is a great strain for high-end commercial growers.

The Cannabinoid content is high with THC peaking around 20%, but it is the entourage effect from the terpenes that makes this strain extremely interesting for experienced psychonauts.

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