Cheese – Big Buddha

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This Cheese is a unique strain and until now has only been available as clone form only.  Like many cannabis strains the history and origins of Cheese are somewhat confused and distorted. Cheese cannabis originated in 1988-89 as one unique female phenotype out of packet of Sensi Seeds Skunk No. 1 grown somewhere in the Chiltern Hills. This one marijuana plant produced massive buds and had a very distinctive cheesy odour. It was quickly cloned and named Cheese. For many years Cheese has passed around the underground network of growers in the UK, helped by Exodus and others, until one clone came into the hands of the Big Buddha. Big Buddha realised its importance and set about crossing the clone with a suitable father. Big Buddha Cheese cannabis seeds have an appealing fruity fresh aroma, uplifting effect and is highly pungent hence its name!

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