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Plants begin flowering after just 30 short days, and they will continue stretching into the 55th day of the flowering period. This variety is ideal for short summer seasons and is best grown in high density. During the early stages of development, light watering is recommended to maximize growth rate prior to the flowering period.

Prominent lateral branching allows for very even growth and big production value in later stages. 20/4 light cycles are ideal for the plants to reach maximum potential indoors, while midsummer planting outside will ensure a highly productive growth potential.

Aggressive metabolic demands require very strong feeding regimes both indoors and outdoors. Single trellising is recommended to assist in very large bud development in the final stages of the flowering period. This strain performs well in both dry and humid climates due to strong disease resistant characteristics.

Gassy and lemon citric overtones are followed by sharp pine and woody undertones. The Indica-leaning expression makes for strong cerebral effects followed by a long-lasting body high. Great for end of day use.

Breed Type

Cannabis Genetics

Flowering Type

Indoor Yield

Outdoor Harvest

Outdoor Yield

Seed Bank

Seed to Harvest Time

Up to 10 weeks


THC Level


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