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Northern Light Auto Feminized is one of the original and best household names now in autoflowering form. Perhaps the most resilient strain around, outdoors she will produce excellent results and huge yields, making her the dream strain for those who suffer with colder climates. She will not let you down and is well recommended to everyone who loves to grow strong indica cannabis in a short time frame.

Genetics: This autoflowering hybrid was created by crossing an original Northern Lights chosen for its superb resistance to plant disease, insects and pests and cold weather. By using our flagship autoflowering Short Rider, we were able to produce a rock solid strain that can be planted from seed and harvested in 10-12 weeks without the need for any specific indoor light cycles.

Strain Characteristics: Like the Northern Lights strain, she is very easy to grow, and likes to remain short in height. Perfect for growing on a balcony, or terrace and keeping well hidden. Planting Northern Light Auto Feminized in a Sea of Green works very well as all the plant will remain the same height and flower with a uniform appearance. Her appearance will be short and bushy making her easy to camouflage in the garden or terrace,

Once flowering begins, growers can expect yields of upto 300 – 400 g/m². We strongly recommend this strain to beginner growers who want a plant that grows itself, stays out of sight and can be planted most of the year outdoors with fantastic results. THC levels will range from 14-18% THC.

Experiencing this strain: Her effects are giggly, dreamy, and you will find yourself with a big grin whilst sat back in a chilled state.  A great strain to enjoy with friends kicking back having a good laugh, being out with friends, and for creative individuals who can ride the cerebral wave this lady creates.

One of the best things about this autoflowering classic, is the rich, spicy, peppery sweet terpene profile that has been enjoyed since the earliest days in Amsterdam when Northern Lights was the number 1 strain around. Medical patients may find this strain to be useful for improving feelings of well being, increasing motivation, relieving aches and pains and increasing appetite.

What makes this strain so great: She can be planted outdoors all year long, meaning she is extremely reliable, tough and sturdy. Thanks to her very low plant height and bushy growth structure, Northern Light Auto Feminized is a great candidate for keeping out of sight.

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Northern Lights x Short Rider

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Up to 12 weeks

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