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We at Nirvana were delighted when we received a cut of an original OG Kush strain from the Lake Tahoe district. We thought it would be awesome to create an autoflowering OG Kush. We tried many different autos to crossbreed the OG Kush to get the result we were looking for. Finally the NL Auto X OG Kush cross came out a clear winner. This was no surprise as both strains share ancestral roots. The result is OG Kush seeds that become big yielding autoflowering plants. They have an impressive bud formation and trichome production. Budstructure is quite similar to your typical Kush buds. The OG Kush autofem has a balanced high. A potent and longlasting bodystone that is also quite cerebral. Her aroma offers a lovely balanced acidity with clear notes of sweet lime with a lingering hint of diesel, revealing the Chemdawg origins of the OG Kush strain.

OG Kush x Northen Light Autoflower

Big Yielder for an Autoflowering strain

High is nicely balanced

This is an easy strain to grow

Sweet Lime with a hint of Diesel


OG Kush x Northern Lights Auto

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Up to 12 weeks

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