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Our Pakistan Valley Early Harvest strain is a predominantly indica hybrid variety, the result of crossing with a 100% automatic strain in the first generation, acquiring the desired characteristic in everything. time to be even quicker to bloom than Pakistan Valley Original. Genetics that come from the Hindu Kush mountain range, one of the classics already in our catalog for more than 13 years. It is a plant with a bushy structure that grows plump, one of the most unmistakable strains due to its robust, branched external appearance, its strong aroma and high potency typical of an authentic pure indica, which make it one of the best choices for indoors. Strain very resistant to extremes, exhibiting deep colors and earthy floral aromas. Sweet, intoxicating and intense in its effects, due to its high CBD content, make it the medicinal strain par excellence. This rare local variety is a favorite strain for nights, unless the consumer is planning a day in bed or on the couch. Use Pakistan Valley to manage physical pain, nausea, restlessness, headaches and more.

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