Pineapple Express Auto – Fast Buds


All aboard the Pineapple Express!  This is a unique combination of spices and flavors, similar to that of a fine Brandy.  It’s a strain created for those who like to get the best out of life.  Don’t tell the other strain, but this is secretly our best autoflowering strains. Tropical pineapple and fruity. Thanks to its high THC levels and pleasing odors, one might say this variety is a great alternative for the bedroom after your next anniversary.  It makes for an effective aphrodisiac, stimulating the sexual appetite and turning up the heat a notch or two.  Drowning in this smoke throws you in an endless rabbit hole of creamy pineapple tea parties.  As a result, it reduces anxiety, increases happiness, and produces a sensation of utter weightlessness.  The high is like foreplay – a gentle transition into a world free of rational thoughts and inhibition.  Pure instinct will soon take over.

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Cannabis Genetics


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Up to 9 weeks

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