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The worthy opponent to the beautiful Purple Afghan Kush

Purps #1 is a cannabis seed by Dinafem Seeds with two clearly distinguishing traits: some intense purple and autumn-like colours, and a fruity aroma that will make us travel to the woods from the very first drag. It seemed impossible to create a marijuana plant that would be as pretty as our PAK, but even more difficult was to develop an Indica with such intense aromas of wild berries. However, Purps #1 is them both. So, while our love for Purple Afghan Kush is still and will always be intact, we have created a strain capable of overshadowing her. A purplish plant with a scent that is more like the one delivered by a fruit tree than by a cannabis plant, with a highly relaxing effect and with THC-packed indigo flowers, as shiny as they’re huge.  Perfect for: “Those who prioritise their plants’ beauty and love fruity flavours.”

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