Top 44 Auto – Nirvana seeds

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One of the fastest flowering hybrids around, and we do not call her top girl for nothing! A solid hybrid that boasts big yields and works incredibly well when grown in a commercial scale Sea of Green set up. Ideal for cash croppers who want a fast turnaround time or working with an 8-week crop rotation.

Top 44 seeds were created with speed in mind. She will take between 7-8 weeks to flower, combined with a low profile and a rich, pungent skunky aroma.

A big yielding variety that is perfectly suited for commercial growers, beginner growers, as well as an excellent performer outdoors in all climates. Our top girl, ideal for any scenario, especially sunny balconies and terraces.

If you are fed up with outdoor plants that struggle to pack on the pounds and suffer from mold and mildew, then Top 44 is the girl for you.

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