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This strain is here to round out the catalogue of U.S. scents that have marked the last decade of innovation in the cannabis industry. Worthy descendant of Girl Scout Cookies, Wedding Cake stays true to the strains that have revolutionised the global cannabis market: Indica dominance, crushing THC levels, complex aromas with multiple nuances, and amazingly thick buds. But that’s not all. She’s also an incredible resin producer.

Wedding Cake is a true reflection of an Indica-dominant plant that grows like a Sativa. During vegging, she produces multiple sets of side branches that endow her with a strong and airy structure with ample internode spacing. However, it’s during the flowering stage that the plant becomes remarkably bushy, with lots of nuggets filling her until-then-naked stems.

Her buds aren’t 100% Indica, though. Instead, they’re kind of spiky yet unbeatably dense. Thick and bulky perfectly beautiful buds: compact and elongated balls illuminated by a shining white coat of crystal resin that contrasts sharply with the purplish, almost black, colouring of her leaves. Simply put, a wonderful spectacle to behold.

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