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Introducing G13 Labs - a new seedbank at Freedom Seeds

G13 Labs new seedbank for Freedom Seeds
One of the good memories from our visit to Product Earth last month was the long chat we had with G13 Labs. By the end of which we had agreed to add the seedbank to our catalogue.

G13 Labs are a UK based seedbank that’s been going from strength to strength since 2007, although the origins date back to a collective of growers in the late 80s.

Today they continue to work with breeders from around the world to bring you a selection of strains with exceptional genetics.

We’re really pleased to have the addition of G13 Labs to the Freedom Seeds site.

G13 Labs strains

G13 Labs have a great selection including feminised and auto strains.

They cover classics like White Widow, Mozzarella and Pineapple Express.

In fact G13 were the first to release a seed version of Pineapple Express – which has gone on to be their best-selling strain. A success they’ve followed up with an autoflowering version and Pineapple Express #2 – a bulked up version of the original.

G13 Labs strains - Pineapple Express and Blueberry Gum

G13 Labs crosses like Blue Venom (a Blueberry and White Widow cross), Gigabud (Northern Lights crossed with Big Bud) and Northern Lights x Skunk.

Some noteable autoflowering strains include Auto Gigabud, Auto Berry and Auto Pineapple Express.

We've got the full collection here at Freedom Seeds. To find out more and get your hands on these great strains click here