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Freedom Seeds

  • Product Earth Expo 2016 – The Alternative Trade Show & Festival

    After the success of last year’s event – Product Earth Expo is back for 2016.

    If you haven’t got your ticket yet but are thinking of joining the fun this year - let us tell you why it will be well worth your time.

    Product Earth Expo 2016

    Product Earth Expo is the UK’s number one alternative trade show and festival. Featuring some of the biggest companies in the hemp and cannabis industries and a top notch music line up. Yes siree - it’s set to be a big one.

    When we arrived at the Product Earth Expo last year we weren’t sure what to expect. After all it had been 5 years since the UK had hosted a similar event. And with European events like Spannabis and the High Times Cannabis Cup having differing fortunes it seemed unclear how a UK event would be received.

    After visiting however it was safe to say we were suitably impressed by the well organised, chilled out event. So much so that we felt it only right we get involved this year and show our support.

    Designed as a way to promote the expanding Hemp and Cannabis industry. Product Earth Expo ticks all the boxes and allows the public to see what’s going on, get involved and learn about the newest innovations in this exciting industry.

    Mind you… It’s not a bunch of hippy types in a field either this event really reaches out to a wider audience with something for everyone to get involved in.

    The event encompasses four key areas: Expo, Festival, Camping and Seminar.


    This year the expo/trade show part of the fair will be bigger and better. There will be exhibitors from all kinds of companies, big and small, all with cannabis/hemp at the heart of their business. It’s a great opportunity to meet the clothing manufactures, food producers, seed banks and smoking paraphernalia companies that are shaping the scene.

    Make sure to swing by our stand (E10-E11) where we’ll be offering special discounts throughout the weekend.


    With headline acts such as Grandmaster Flash, Gentlemen’s Dub Club and Mike Skinner alongside sets from the likes of DJ Zinc, Congo Natty and A Skillz it’s an eclectic mix which is sure to attract a good crowd. See you down the front!

    Product Earth 2016 flyer


    Plenty of “festivals” are turning their back on camping in favour of day tickets these days – not so at Product Earth. The camping zones open early from 4pm on Friday 24th June with music running late into the night. This gives you time to arrive, set up and get on it. If camping’s not your thing and you don't own your own mobile home there are plenty of hotels in the vicinity of the arena.


    Most of you reading our blog will know the wonders of hemp and may already benefit from its many good uses; however for those that need convincing Product Earth aims to do just that.

    Hemp plays a huge part in today’s society as we use hemp in botanicals, clothing, shoes and many car companies use hemp in their bodywork due to is lightweight strength and durable qualities.

    Seminars will be held throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday to educate on the history of hemp, its many uses and benefits. There will be discussions on the potential for legalising cannabis in the UK. The seminar area was so well received last year that it has been moved into the centre of the expo as the focal point.

    There are a growing number of people who are looking to use Cannabis medicinally; this event gives people the opportunity to chat and learn from groups like the United Patients Alliance (UPA) who fight for legal access to cannabis for patients with chronic conditions. They had this to say about last year’s event:

    "From the over 18 to the over 70, from a postman to an ex-chief constable, from mothers to teachers, from artists to venture capitalists from those living with cancer, to those trying to live with themselves, horticulturists to entrepreneurs, impassioned speakers to cool and groovy musicians. People."

    That’s the awesome part about Product Earth Expo there is such a diverse crowd that share a similar interest in Hemp.

    All in all Product Earth Expo 2016 is set to be a hemp filled weekend with things to learn, great entertainment, good food and a chance to support the industry we’re all 100% behind.

    If you're looking for tickets you can get them here.

    If you're looking for more info we recommend heading over to the official Product Earth Expo page.

  • Midnight Express - Freedom Seeds new strain

    Freedom Seeds Midnight Express

    Freedom Seeds Midnight ExpressAs midnight struck on New Year’s Eve we raised a toast to 2015 and our new strain – Midnight Express. After a lot of work and development we couldn’t be more excited or proud of this new autoflowering addition to the Freedom Seeds range.

    Last year, as well as releasing our groundbreaking FreeBD strain, we launched Purple Express. That strain introduced a more colourful shade of purple to our selection for the first time. With Midnight Express we take it a step further - the dark colour is what immediately sets this strain apart.

    Parts of the leaves and buds are such a deep purple they could almost be black. Add to this the coating of glistening trichromes and it’s no surprise many have likened it to a night sky full of stars.

    It’s not all about appearances though and the substance of the genetics of Midnight Express is also impressive. Including something of a role call of classic strains, she is mostly indica, with influences of Citral Kush, Blueberry and a dash of White strain for the star dust.

    As a third generation auto flowerer you can expect a plant reaching heights of up to 110cm. With generous yields of up to 550gr/m2 per plant expected in anything as quick as 55-60 days.

    Although the genetics definitely lean towards the indica the high is more sativa which is another pleasant surprise.

    We proudly give you Midnight Express – the clue’s in the name.

    Available now in a 5 seed pack for the price of just £16.95.

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  • Freedom Seeds FreeBD review by Clark French

    Clark French

    Last month Clark French wrote a great article about our very own auto feminised strain Smokey Bear. With Clark's background as an MS patient and founder of the United Patients Alliance we thought he'd be the perfect person to review our latest strain - FreeBD. We produced this CBD rich strain in collaboration with the CBD Crew and we're pretty proud of the results - read on to find out what Clark thought.


    Long elongated sativa looking buds with quite a light pastel green colour, lots of trichomes. The buds are small but very dense. There is a nice coating of pistils coming out of each calyx, the calyxes themselves are packed in and not too bulky, they all blend together rather than standing out in foxtails.

    Freedom Seeds FreeBD


    The first thing you smell is a sickly sweetness, almost how parmesan cheese smells but not quite, there is also a deep and rich almost skunky earthiness. It is quite an interesting smell and one which remind me of some of the buds I got to sample in California. One strain in particular that I was given a sample of at the San Francisco Cannabis Cup in 2011. The smell is one of those things where you wouldn't quite believe it was cannabis that smelt that way!


    The taste is really good, the earth is really great along with the sweetness makes FreeBD a very tasty strain to medicate with. The earthiness in the low end of the flavour is reminiscent of some skunk strains I have tried and the sickly sweet higher notes definitely comes through in the taste but is more pronounced in the aroma, as with anything the taste is more definable in my Arizer Solo. In general though I'm quite happy with the taste.


    Now here is the most interesting bit about FreeBD and that is the fact that it is a CBD rich strain. Now I got to know lots about CBD in 2011 in California and ever since trying it I have been actively seeking it. CBD is great for many people with MS. As you can see from the various anti-cannabis propaganda CBD is actually a immunosuppressive. Now in the media scare stories this is touted as a bad thing and an excuse to justify why cannabis possession is a crime. What they forget to say however is that for people with autoimmune diseases this is EXACTLY what we need. My other options for immunosuppression is a drug called Tysabri. Which is a form of chemo and infused every month (I hate needles) it has the chance of putting me into a coma which I will never wake up from and by not taking it I save the NHS tens of thousands of pounds every year!

    That is not the only benefit of CBD, a quick browse of our cannabinoid table shows CBD to be a highly medicinal cannabinoid. But not only that many of my friends without serious illnesses generally LOVE the effects of CBD rich cannabis. As I understand it CBD block the cannabinoid receptors meaning that THC uptake is much smoother and meaning that the effects last for a lot longer.


    A lovely tasty and effective strain, generally I want more

    Clark French

    Find out more about Freedom Seeds FreeBD and buy this great medical strain here.

    You can find more from Clark over on the United Patients Alliance website

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  • FreeBD by Freedom Seeds - new strain release

    Freedom Seed - FreeBD

    This isn't just another strain release

    Working in collaboration with the pioneers of genuinely high CBD strains (the CBD Crew), we are proud to announce that we are the first UK seedbank to offer a CBD medicinal seed. With equal 1:1 ratios of THC and CBD, backed up with a gas chromatography lab report and carrying the CBD Crew holographic seal of authenticity, this is the real deal.

    If you haven’t heard and don’t know what the fuss is about, allow me… CBD is one of over 80 cannabinoids found in cannabis. Most of us are familiar with THC, the cannabinoid famous for getting you stoned, whereas CBD is not essentially psychoactive in the same way but is claimed by many to have anti-inflammatory properties and can help to alleviate symptoms of anorexia, insomnia, muscular aches and pains, depression and the side effects of serious illness.

    For more on this check our earlier blog on this subject - Here

    Read our interview with CBD Crew breeder Scott Blakey - Here

    This isn’t just another ‘medical’ strain release. This is FreeBD, this is the future. Available here

    Freedom Seeds - FreeBD

  • Freedom Seeds Purple Express Is Now On Sale!

    Think luxurious crushed velvet; think getting to your destination faster; think arriving on time; - we can make all this happen with a trip on our latest strain the Purple Express.

    With its 100% pure Indica heritage, this powerful strain is sure to wrap you in a warm purple cloak whilst at the same time delivering a fruity aroma with side notes of incense and citrus tones.

    Sweet aromas, strong colours, and ultra-fast flowering times coupled with a strong main stem and countless side branches - giving abundant resin production - and you have a runaway success!

    During flowering expect 80% of the plant to acquire a purple or reddish tone, and after harvest expect the colour to deepen further.

    Purple express has now arrived at Freedom Seeds, we look forward welcoming you on board.

  • Cannabis Seeds – Freedom Seeds in stock now!

    Freedom Seeds

    So they’re finally here! Freedom Seeds are now in stock and ready to ship direct to your door!

    We have three feminised strains: Section 6, Freedom Cheese and White Witch. In addition to those we also have two autoflowering feminised strains: Big Easy and Smokey Bear. We’ve taken our extensive knowledge and experience to develop some of the best strains available. Combining some of the finest genetics available today we have a selection to suit all tastes. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we only stock the best strains…and these are no exception!

    Not only are we offering you great seeds, we’re also offering them at a great price! All our seeds will come in packs of 5 seeds at the bargain price of £16.95.

    Freedom Seeds – The Feminised Seeds
    Section 6 – 5 Premium Cannabis Seeds
    Freedom Cheese – 5 Premium Cannabis Seeds
    White Witch – 5 Premium Cannabis Seeds

    Freedom Seeds – The Automatic Feminised Seeds
    Big Easy – 5 Premium Cannabis Seeds
    Smokey Bear – 5 Premium Cannabis Seeds

    As well as these great seeds we also have a number of new strains in development so make sure to check back here for the latest!

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