Apricot Auto – Fast Buds

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pricot Auto has proven to be a true representation of what modern autoflowers are. With yields reaching 550 g/m2 in 9-10 weeks and up to 26% THC, this Indica-dominant variety offers one the most unique terpene profile you’ll ever experience. As its name suggests, this variety offers a delicious aroma of fresh ripe apricot that tastes just like it smells. Expect a sweet and sour background with subtle hints of woody and citrusy terps and a powerful apricot marmalade-like aroma that packs a hard-hitting narcotic Indica effect. Apricot Auto’s effects will almost immediately boost your mood with a full-on stoney sensation from head to toe. You’ll experience a peaceful head high that pushes out any negative thoughts and replaces them with pure happiness; As the effect sets in and gets stronger and stronger, the corporal relaxation turns into a deeply narcotic couch-lock high that will glue you to the couch unable to move anytime soon.

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Cannabis Genetics

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Up to 10 weeks


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