Auto Critical Man – Family Ganjah

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Auto Critical Man is a variety of cannabis seeds with an intense fruity aroma that will leave your senses totally ecstatic. They flower in only 55 days since they germinate and produce a good amount of buds per plant. This version, autoflowering and feminized, of the classic Critical Man pursues to culminate the dreams of those cultivators who prefer fast varieties and of small stature for their garden. Its extraordinary short period of cultivation guarantees a good harvest in less than two months. It develops perfectly in any culture medium; coconut, earth, NFT, hydroponics and aeroponics. Indoors we can place a small number of plants, for example 4 pots of 11L per bulb, although some people prefer to put between 9 and 25 plants (3 × 3 or 5 × 5) in smaller pots. Being an autoflowering variety, we recommend planting them directly in the final container to avoid stress factors that could reduce the harvest. Depending on the intensity of the lights in your indoor garden and the parameters you have in mind, you can produce up to 300g of aromatic flowers per m2 of culture. Outdoors this variety can reach 1 meter in height, so it is ideal to go unnoticed among other plants of the same size. It is advisable to prepare the soil (or the pot) with an organic fertilizer that will have a higher proportion of phosphorus and potassium in the lower part (lower half of the pot), more nitrogen in the upper part, and practically neutral in the upper part. We will choose a sunny location that allows to receive many hours of light to the plants, since this will be their main source of energy to grow and flourish. We can harvest up to 55g of buds per plant in record time. Auto Critical Man has a sweet and cloying taste, remains in the mouth in perfect harmony with its fruity aroma reminiscent of exotic fruits. Variety of relaxing effects that invite you to spend an idyllic moment.

Breed Type

Cannabis Genetics

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Seed to Harvest Time

Up to 8 weeks

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