Auto Kerosene Krash – Dutch Passion

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Why should I buy Auto Kerosene Krash feminised seeds?

• Auto Kerosene Krash is a strong and robust autoflower with a classic Dutch Passion auto structure – a large main central bloom and many thick side buds

• This hybrid autoflower has a high cannabinoid profile with an average THC percentage of 20%, this can even go up to almost 25%

• Auto Kerosene Krash has a unique terpene profile with an earthy, gassy, spicy and chemical aroma. The taste is also earthy, gassy and piney. Lovers of diesel cannabis strains are sure to get their money’s worth!

• This variety takes an average of 12 weeks from seed to harvest, the high is a combination of a physical & mental effect and is long lasting

Auto Kerosene Krash has a pungent aroma with mostly earthy, gassy and pine notes. The taste is sour, earthy and sometimes chemical

Auto Kerosene Krash is the perfect strain for growers who like a complex terpene profile. The more chemical and gassy flavors are truly fantastic to experience. The buds of this variety can sting slightly in your throat while smoking. It is a strain with a powerful and pungent aroma of mainly earthy, gassy and spicy pine notes. It is a very unique and complex profile where more chemical and woody notes can also emerge.

The taste of Auto Kerosene Krash is strong and here again the earthy, gaseous and sour, chemical flavors predominate. Lovers of diesel-like flavours will certainly enjoy this autoflower seed variety! During the late flowering phase it is best to touch the plants as little as possible because the sticky buds will make it difficult to get rid of the pungent smell.

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Up to 12 weeks

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