Auto Trichrome & Cream – Dutch Passion

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When you cross an elite cut of a photoperiod Cookies & Cream (Starfighter x Girl Scout Cookie) with one of our frostiest autoflower varieties, the result you get is amazing. A very potent autoflower with shiny leaves and even shinier trichomes. In fact, this is one of the most trichome-dense autoflowers we have come across.

Auto Trichome & Cream is a vigorous plant with medium to large sized flowers. One of the phenotypes has beautiful purple hues. The flowers give a fruity scent whilst growing and the doughy and creamy part of the profile comes especially to expression once the nugs have dried and cured properly. A soft and sweet taste caresses the tongue on the exhale in both vape and classic joint experiences.

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Cookies & Cream (Starfighter x Girl Scout Cookies) x Autoflower

Seed to Harvest Time

Up to 12 weeks

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