Automatic Fini – Super Strains

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Automatic Fini can be grown almost anywhere.

Automatic Fini should definitely be considered by growers who haven’t had the chance to cultivate the famous AK-47 strain. Super Strains’ autoflowering version might be a little smaller in contrast to the original, but when we grow older we learn that the finer things in life come in smaller packages. The appearance of this plant resembles the classic AK-47 strain, a sativa-dominant plant which is famous for its strong high and heavy yields. This autoflowering strain will be ready for harvest in about 12 weeks from seed. In this period she will grow to about 80-120cm high. Automatic Fini is an easy to grow strain, one of those plants that even in less experienced hands, will still yield above average results. It has a fruity flavor full of contrasting nuances and subtle hints of pepper or incense.

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