Big Bud Auto – Sensi Seeds


This mostly Indica strain is the latest version of well-known Big Bud from Sensi Seeds. Big Bud AUTO has all the properties of the original Big Bud while its structure is more compact and flowering time is much shorter. Its buds are big, mature and coated with resin. The amount of them may be an issue and to prevent breaking of branches it may require some support. Big Bud Auto has a very vigorous nature while staying easy to cultivate. The size of its flowers is enormous and it will be most visible in size and weight after drying and curing. Its aroma and flavour is a perfect mixture of sweet, fruity and pungent tones with undertones of musk. Its effect is heavy and long lasting. Its physical high is perfectly combined with cerebral side. This biggest producer out of auto-flowering range from Sensi Seeds collection is its latest update.

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Flowering Type

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Up to 7 weeks

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