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A legendary strain that is a popular choice for newbs and experienced smokers and growers alike, Blue Dream is an iconic blend that originates from California and offers up a high-quality plant that delivers excellent yields of crops that don’t fail to impress when it comes to aroma, taste, resin production, and effects.

This sativa-dominant hybrid (60% sativa, 40% indica) is the result of crossing the award-winning parents Blueberry and Haze, producing a strain that has an incredible terpene profile containing myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene. THC levels come in at around 18-25%, with both CBD and CBN content at between 1-2%.

You can grow Blue Dream in any environment but it performs best in greenhouses using the SOG method and warm Mediterranean climates. Indoors, this strain has a flowering time of approximately 9-10 weeks and cultivators can expect to see yields of around 600-650g/m2. When grown outdoors, growers will be rewarded with bumper crops, which can reach as high as 2000-3000g/plant, ready to harvest in late-September to early-October!

These plants can grow pretty tall and will impress you with their stunning visual appeal. Some plants can develop hues of pale blue, which are partly how the strain got its name. Alongside this, you can expect to see some thick, bright green, sugary trichomes and a good amount of vibrant orangey-red pistils.

Blue Dream also gets its name from the sweet berry aroma and taste that come from its Blueberry parent, making it a delightfully sweet smoke, with herbal, earthy, spicy undertones. Users can expect to experience a gentle body relaxation, which doesn’t hit too heavy or end up in intense couch-lock. There is also a pleasant cerebral edge, that has euphoric and uplifting qualities making for an overall enjoyable smoke.

Medical patients also favor this strain for its abundant medicinal properties that can help aid with tackling the symptoms of a wide range of ailments, including ADD/ ADHD, anxiety and stress, PTDS, autism, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, depression, headaches, inflammation, and nausea.


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