Bruce Lemon Diesel – Super Sativa Seed Club

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  • Bruce Lemon Diesel has a very intense and pungent Diesel dominant aroma and taste. She is sour and citrus dominant with peppery tones of Kush and gas
  • This is a vigorous 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain with strong and sturdy branches. It grows fast both during the vegetative phase as well as the flowering phase and is very suitable for a SCROG grow
  • Bruce Lemon Diesel produces big and chunky flowers, she is known to produce a very large yield. The buds are covered in a thick layer of trichomes and she has a high cannabinoid profile with THC levels of around 20-25%.
  • It’s the combination of potency, terpenes and yields that make this strain a winner. You can expect a very potent effect, the high hits fast and will give you a powerful mental and a physical relaxation.
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