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The new growing season is upon us, and with it the incorporations of new varieties to the Delicious Seeds catalog. We will keep you waiting for this new strain no longer! That is why we present you with one of the most anticipated releases by our followers. A variety that has earned the right of itself to enter the top of the Delicious Seeds catalog.

CHOCOBANG, a variety whose crossing was made for the first time more than 4 years ago, but had not yet entered our catalog. Although due to the pressures received by all growers, who first cultivated it in a test for us- we have been forced to include it this year as a novelty in the Delicious Seeds 2020 catalog.

CHOCOBANG is a 70% sativa hybrid that is composed of some of the best genetics from California (USA). It is a cross of our already known and famous Apalachian kush with an elite Chocolope clone. A very different and unique Chocolope selection we have found in the cannabis scene. This variety includes genetics OG Chocolate they crossed by cannalope haze. Chocobang is one of the most special varieties and loved by the breeder team of Delicious Seeds. Due to its terpene profile, we think it is unique, something new and fresh that moves away from the kush flavors that are so prevalent in the current market. Its notes of sweet metallic lemon coffee with strong earthy nuances and poise stand out. Although she also stands out with her enormous capacity to produce long lines full of abundant flowers, covered with a mantle of resin. With qualities that will make your extractions seem like less work and new flavors. Take the leap in quality, taste, texture, power and bountiful returns of resin for making extractions. The level of thc in this plant is very high- well above 26% and its effect is euphoric and very prolonged over time.

Flowering time is 65 to 70 days indoors and at the end of October. In some cases the beginning of November outdoors. However in Michigan our team harvest her in the middle of October, early for fresh frozen goodness. Its indoor production per 600w lamp reaches 500 grams and outside easily exceeded 900 grams per plant. So don’t miss out on the new flavours being offered. This is Mario from Team Delicious reminding you to “Take it easy, Life is Delicious”

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