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Cookies and Cream Cheese by Big Buddha Seeds is a feminised cannabis hybrid created crossing the well-known Girl Scout Cookies (Thin Mint) with Big Buddha Cheese, resulting in plants with great flavour and potency.

The growth structure of Cookies and Cream Cheese is well-branched and compact, with robust stems making it great for using the SCROG cultivation technique. Its leaves are large and dark green although they may acquire purple tones if temperatures are low at the end of flowering, a genetic trait inherited from the Girl Scout Cookies.

Depending on the phenotype cultivated, Cookies and Cream Cheese will be ready for harvest after only 63 to 70 days of flowering, with a very good production of flowers. Its buds are dense and covered with a thick layer of aromatic trichomes, making it ideal for high quality, terpene rich resin extractions of all kinds.

When cultivated in the ground outdoors, expect large and productive plants which can be harvested in mid-October in the northern hemisphere.

The effect of Cookies and Cream Cheese is euphoric and relaxed with a soothing background at the end of its effect that leaves smokers chilled but happy, ideal to lift the mood while providing a powerful long-lasting psychedelic effect.

Its flavour is a mixture between the two parent plants, floral and earthy sweet on the part of GSC accompanied by creamy notes of cheese that envelop the taste of cookies.

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