Durban Dew – Dutch Passion

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Why should I buy Durban Dew feminised cannabis seeds?

  • Durban Dew is a resistant Sativa dominant hybrid with a very large yield and an average flowering time of 8-9 weeks. She is easy to grow and suitable for both the novice and the expert
  • It is an ideal strain for the discerning grower looking for a vigorous strain that can take a beating, ideal for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation
  • Durban Dew is a potent THC rich cannabis strain with a strong cannabinoid and terpene profile. The smell and taste are very strong and penetrating with mainly sweet, sour and fruity notes
  • She has an energetic and clear up high. The mental effect is very uplifting, social, creative and long-lasting

Durban Dew has a unique and complex terpene profile with a pungent aroma with sweet and fruity notes. Her taste is smooth, sweet and sour & berry-like

Durban Dew is a fusion of two original Dutch Passion classics, Durban Poison and Frisian Dew. Both cannabis varieties are known for an exceptional and unique terpene profile. By crossing these two strains we have managed to create a very tasty cannabis strain. It usually has a soft and sweet taste. Her aroma is best described as pungent, sweet and fruity.

It is sometimes reminiscent of sour and sweet candy, such as sour bears. A berry aroma and flavour may predominate. It is not often that all members of our test panel are unanimously surprised and satisfied with the new terpene profile that has emerged. Durban Dew has a smooth and pleasant smoking experience, this combined with the strong taste and powerful high ensures that she comes with our highest recommendations.

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