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Early Maroc cannabis seeds, landrace marijuana genetics 100% sativa with high resistance, a plant suitable for adverse climates with early flowering. Now available on the web the Early Maroc variety of Philosopher Seeds.

Early Maroc, landrace strain from Morocco

Early Maroc comes from a selection of pure seeds or landrace from Morocco. It is a very resistant, fast maturing and highly adaptable sativa marijuana strain. Its cultivation is possible in almost any environment, but due to its genetics, it shows all its splendour outdoors, where for dozens of years in its country of origin the plants have been used to create the best hashish in the world, known as Double Zero.

Early Maroc, cannabis for balconies, terraces and guerrilla grows

Early Maroc grows robust and easily in almost any environment, being able to finish its development with almost 2 meters high (1.75cm) without great care in soils with low fertility, so it is not necessary to provide large amounts of fertilizer thanks to its genetics adapted.

For its cultivation in pots requires a minimum capacity of 25L, so that in terraces and balconies along with guerrilla cultivation its development will be full, providing a harvest of compact sativa buds that ripen from mid-August. We recommend germination of the seeds in the Northern Hemisphere between the end of March and April.

Early Maroc, easy to grow marijuana with a high resistance

Early Maroc is adapted to hostile conditions and soils without too much organic matter, making it a great choice for guerrilla cultivation. Due to its fast flowering time it is harvested before the forests are flooded with mushroom hunters, hunters, trolls, or worst case scenario: plant thieves.

Early Maroc also withstands humid climates, as its early ripening allows harvesting before the rain arrives and fungus proliferates.

Early Maroc, sweet aroma of strawberry bubblegum and black pepper with a balanced effect

Early Maroc gives off a characteristic and very appetising sweet aroma of strawberry chewing gum during its short flowering period. After harvest and once cured, the flowers acquire spicy hints reminiscent of black pepper with a woody background.

The effect of Early Maroc has an energetic and euphoric high, with the passage of time equibra showing its more relaxing side (physical and mental) emphasizing that the effects are not maintained for a long period of time thanks to its high sativa component.

Early Maroc can develop a THC content of 17%, a notorious figure very uncommon in Moroccan varieties.

Early Maroc, Moroccan hashish

Morocco is known as one of the great producers of hashish, Early Maroc produces an excellent quality dry hashish known as Double Zero.

Early Maroc is a very hardy sativa landrace that tolerates harsh growing environments unlike most current genetics, with a longer flowering time and more demanding cultivation. This makes Early Maroc a good choice for beginner growers or those looking for ease and good results in a short time.

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