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ELEVEN ROSES EARLY VERSION, maintains the properties of its feminized version. However she has a much shorter flowering period. She is a feminised and photoperiod seed, but with a shorter ripening cycle.

Close to two years ago, Delicious Seeds launched the ELEVEN ROSES variety on the market, without knowing that, we were about to embark on a milestone. Over the last two years the Eleven Roses has become the best selling variety in our extensive catalog. This best seller, 100% Indica hybrid, now in EARLY VERSION, shows us in the beginning a “Kush” type of metallic flavor, which after a few seconds gives way to soft nuances of sweet fruits and wet earth. These flavors are sure to be a pleasant surprise.

The plant is a rather low structure that will develop indoors without many ramifications that ends in a dense and uniform bud. In growing her outside she develops very vigorously, developing a large number of lateral branches and ensuring a more than excellent production. In a single plant able to easily reach the height of 1.5 meters at yields of more than 1000g!!! From this you can make a very powerful extraction that is characterized by Kush and Sugar Black Rose terpenes.

The shades that the leaves show, throughout the flowering that are seen in the photos are something incredible. Typical of the autumn days of the great northern forests, we have been captivated with her colors and the glorious effects of our ELEVEN ROSES EARLY VERSION.

High THC content and its relatively low CBD. This variety, which we have said is a cross between a male Appalachian Kush and a female of Sugar Black Rose (DS27), is quite fast in her flowering cycle. In general it is a great plant, without many demands at the time of cultivation.

As for its potency we have to say that it is quite high. In the right hands this variety easily reaches THC percentages of 24-25%. She shows quite low CBD content as well.

It is a very simple plant to grow- resistant to fungi and other pests, which can cover a very wide range of latitudes and temperatures. Knowing that its makes a very good option regardless of where it is grown indoors or out.

Indoors it will be ready in about 45 days of flowering, and outdoors, in early September for the northern hemisphere, or early April for the southern hemisphere.


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