Fast Buds 420 Gloves Pack (3 pairs)

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Simply the best solution for working on your grow space!

These premium gloves are made with food-grade latex, the ideal choice to keep external contaminants away when handling your plants at any stage, especially during the harvest and trimming process. Before starting daily maintenance we always recommend wearing latex gloves as a prevention practice in order to keep your plants protected against harmful microorganisms like mold and bacteria.

Although our 420 gloves are designed to be used once, thanks to the thicker latex and the textured fingertips, they provide a consistent fit and can be reused various times. For those with sensitive skin, latex gloves protect your hands against household cleaners that you usually use after a grow cycle. They also save you time when mixing the substrate and nutrient solution because they not only keep your hands dry and dirt-free but also prevent cross-contamination, making the whole process much simpler. Made with tear-proof materials, our heavy-duty gloves are extremely comfortable and won’t get in the way, making them the best solution for those who want to keep it clean.

(One pack contains 3 pairs of medium-sized gloves.)

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