Fast buds Premium Unrefined Rolling Papers

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Roll the best autos with Fast Buds’ premium king-size rolling papers. Our papers are 100% natural and craft-quality, exclusively made to be the thinnest papers we’ve produced. Our unrefined rolling papers have a criss-cross pattern that makes them ultra-thin and easy to roll, providing a perfectly even slow burn without compromising the quality.

Find our signature 420 logo watermark on each paper, this way you’ll always know you’re smoking the original Fast Buds papers. Perfect for hand-rolling and rolling machines, these extra-fine grade papers are additive-free, meaning no bleach, dye, or chalk has been used, making them practically flavorless and allowing you to truly taste your smoke every time and in a way you’ve never had before.

Roll the best flowers and taste the terps with Fast Buds’ premium papers!

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