Orange Hill Special® – Dutch Passion

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Why should I buy Orange Hill Special feminised seeds?

  • Orange Hill Special is one of our most special cannabis strains, created by crossing the legendary Orange Bud and Californian Orange
  • She combines an extremely high THC level of 20%+ with a very high yield. She is easy to grow even for inexperienced growers and does well on soil and coco fibre as well as on a hydro system
  • Orange Hill Special has an average flowering time of approximately 9 weeks. It is a resinous strain with a compact structure, making it perfect for home growers
  • Its citrus-dominant aroma and taste brings a true taste explosion! If you like orange, tangerine and lemon, this is the ideal variety. The quality of these buds will certainly not disappoint!

This variety offers unsurpassed quality in terms of aroma, taste and effect. A small percentage of the plants can develop male flowers, which is expressed most heavily when plants suffer from severe stress. It is advised to check your plants thoroughly during flowering and act immediately before the male flowers open and pollinate the other plants.