Super Uzi Auto – Sensible Seeds Premium

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Suitable for indoors and outdoors and adaptable to most grow mediums… Deep water culture, Scrog and SOG are fine though, watch that pungent smell if indoors, good ventilation highly recommended!  The Super Uzi Automatic likes a rich environment of nutrients, lots of light and low humidity.

Our Super Uzi Automatic is a delightful mix of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica and her CBD healing effects can be clearly felt. Her strain ancestry is a blend of Columbian, Mexican, and Thai Sativas; and Afghanistan Indica. The taste and smell is earthy with an aromatic incense aroma.

Sensible Seeds Super Uzi Automatic is great for the beginner… easy to grow and forgiving and quick at just 70 days from start to finish. As autos go the yields are juicy… up to 150g per plant if grown well… Maybe we should have called this strain auto Cannon due to its power… hasta la vista baby!


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Up to 10 weeks

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