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One of the most influential and famous cannabis strains of the last 5 decades, The King in the North is a popular choice to this day for a number of reasons. It is loved for its ability to produce generous yields, easy-to-grow resilient plants, highly resinous buds, and the flowers pack a punch too.

The King in the North is an award-winning indica strain (about 95% indica) that has a blend of some legendary Afghan and Thai genetics. The plants can reach THC levels of 16-20%, with CBD levels of less than 1%.

A great choice for novice growers, The King in the North is an easy-to-grow strain that has good pest and disease-resistant properties, due to its compact size it is a good option for stealth growers or those with limited space. It has a flowering time of 7-9 weeks indoors and growers can expect excellent yields of around 500-550g/m2; often growers have claimed that the best results are actually achieved from indoor grows. Outdoors, yields of 600-700g/plant can be expected, ready to harvest in October.

This revolutionary cannabis strain produces plants that are compact and dense, with hardly any odor. Visually, the plants can be recognised by their indica-like structure and the beautiful and vibrant range of colors that display as they grow, including some gorgeous purples and glistening buds. The large, dense buds are also incredibly resinous, making this a superb choice for those who are looking to make hash, concentrates, or extracts. In terms of taste and aroma, The King in the North has a pungent, sweet, spicy flavour, which has been noted to be quite smooth when exhaled.

The King in the North has a potent, sedating high that comes on fast and can keep the smoker in a relaxed state for quite some time. It has a euphoric edge that mingles well with a general body relaxation, making it a well-balanced mind/body experience.


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