Timeloop – Sensible Seeds Premium

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Sensible Seeds Premium brings one of the highest THC testing varieties with this beast that reaches 37%! Timeloop is a cross between a cut of Original Glue and the beloved Starfighter made this highly potent, highly enjoyable strain that is almost psychedelic.

Plants grow to a fairly small size but fill up quickly with beautiful and dense nugs that are almost dripping with resin. This trichome covered flower is a perfect addition to any garden with its 500g/m2 production for indoor grows and outdoors some pheno’s can return almost 1KG per plant! Flowers are almost white due to the coverage and the orange pistils stand out like flames on this beauty.

Smokers can expect one of, if not, the most intense experiences with cannabis as this girl hits hard and fast with a huge wave of euphoria that keeps coming, as said before it is almost psychadelic. Beginners should definitely be cautious with this one and experienced smokers alike.

Anybody looking for a medicinal strain that still ticks all the boxes of a good smoke, this is perfect. Thanks to its incredible THC levels this strain is perfect for blowing off some steam. Great for pain relief, stress relief and depression.


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