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  • Why should I buy TnT Trichome feminised seeds?

    • TnT Trichome is a short and compact Indica dominant Afghani with a fast flowering time of about 7-8 weeks, her aroma is super pungent and is known to stick to your taste palate
    • TnT Trichome is easy to grow and typically grows into a little bush with thick & sturdy branches and very compact flowers that can become rock-hard
    • It’s a variety with a favourable calyx-to-leaf ratio which makes her easy to trim, she has a sticky resin layer and the sugar leaves are also covered in lots of resin. These trimmings are ideal to make your own hash or cannabis concentrates
    • If you are looking for a very potent Indica with an extreme potency, then our TnT Trichome is the perfect choice, her high THC levels of 20-25% makes this one of the strongest Indica’s on earth! She has a potent high that will last for several hours


    TnT Trichome has a dominant earthy coffee like aroma, the taste is earthy with sour hints of citrus and grapefruit

    TnT Trichome has a very pungent and aromatic terpene profile. You will mainly enjoy a really rich earthy aroma with hints of coffee and slightly acidic & fruity tones. The taste is mostly earthy too, but some users also taste hints of grapefruit and citrus. It’s quite a unique experience if you haven’t had it before. It has a strong taste that can tingle the throat a bit. She packs a real punch so our advice is to go easy on her, the Afghani heritage makes sure this is not a strain for the lite-toker. Hardcore weed smokers will absolutely love the oldschool aroma & taste of our TnT Trichome.

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