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Auto Wonder Woman, belonging to an autoflowering variety from Nirvana Seeds bank. With relaxing and even aphrodisiac effects at the same time, it will make you forget about your sadness with its high THC content.

What is the effect of Auto Wonder Woman cannabis?

The plant produces a pleasant feeling of happiness and very good mood, even, many of its consumers claim that it produces an increase in sexual desireRelaxes, makes you forget your problems, lowers stress but its effect is not so strong as to leave you stranded, so it is an ideal balance.

Auto Wonder Woman Fragrance

This strain has penetrating aroma where skunk predominates, at the same time it combines perfectly with a sweet citrus fragrance. It also has a touch of berries and wood, which makes it more attractive to some users than others.

How do you grow Auto Wonder Woman?

For those who have some knowledge of how to grow cannabis, growing Auto Wonder Woman is not a big challengeThis genetics is best suited to indoor environments and at least one should be covered to prevent it from growing too tall. With the Sea of Green method and a hydroponic growing method you should achieve an incredibly superior yield than the average potent weed after approximately 9 weeks of flowering.

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