Stoner Christmas Gifts 2019

What’s rocking in the stocking?

Spread some festive cheer this year with our list of Christmas gifts, guaranteed to put a smile on any stoner’s face.
Keep them puffing, rolling and toking in style with stoner gifts to get the Ganja bell rocking!

CBD Christmas Pud

Light it up

Unlike sparking a spliff at the Christmas table, even your most strait-laced relatives won’t object to you getting a hit of the calming CBD via this delicious handmade pudding.

A festive and fun way of getting your greens.

Grab a pudding or two from 


Glow Tray

See ’em rolling

Chore no more, skinning up with this on your lap is made easy with these nifty LED trays, guaranteed to really light up a room.

Available in collaboration with big name cannabis brands like Cookies, Zkittlez, Runtz, and Alien Labs to name a few.

Available online.


Stir Crazy

Bake and get baked

Once you have exhausted all conversation with the relations, it’s handy to have a book to hide behind. We’ve hand picked a couple of classics for the seasoned tokers out there.

This wonderfully illustrated and straight forward book explains how to master the art of cooking with cannabis. 

Get this step-by-step guide to cannabis edibles here.


Joint Rolling Handbook

Absolutely Spliffing

Ever wondered how to roll a pure Nepalese Pipebomb, wrap a five star Cohiba Blunt or spot a prize-winning bud?

Whether you are a ten-thumbed dribbler or a diamond-knuckled spliff-meister, this book has everything you will ever need to know, but will be far too stoned to remember.

A perfect gift, available here.


Rubik’s Cube Stash Safe

Hide in plain sight

Looking for a new place to hide your bud? Check out this nifty Rubik’s Cube Stash Safe.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to complete the cube before you can unlock your hoard; just turn the middle three layers in a specific combination to access the goodies.

Available online here.


Pure Innocence CBD

Bedtime Bears

Everyone likes getting chocolate for Christmas.

10 delectable bears per box, 3 mg of cannabidiol hemp extract per bear.

Won’t have you tripping, just chilling.

Get the bears from


Silicone Bong

Hits from the bong

This silicone bong with glass percolator features a removable silicone base and mouthpiece, glass shower head percolator and glass stem and bowl.

Each piece is detachable which means maintaining and cleaning your bong is a breeze.

These are great for travelling or for those who have a tendency to drop or break their glass.

Available in various colours, here.


THTC Socks

Sock to suit you

Christmas present clichés can be hard to get away from but, unlike the novelty tie, socks are one of the best gifts to give a stoner! 

We can personally recommend THTC’s line of hemp socks.

THTC are also renowned for their radical and music-related T-shirt designs.

Get ’em whilst you can here.


Seditious Cards

Happy F*cking Christmas!

About ready to go cold turkey on Christmas consumerism?

Send these rebellious cards to your nearest and dearest; with reference to popular drug culture, digs at organised religion and multi-national corporations.

8 different designs per pack. These cards are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. 

Available online.


So there you have it. A bumper selection of the latest and greatest gifts for stoners this Christmas.

Hit us up in the comment section if you think we’ve missed anything off our stoner wish list – we may even add it to the list if it’s good enough 🙂