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Freedom Seeds Cannabis Holiday Destinations

Holland has long been a haven for cannabis lovers, with an abundance of cannabis coffee shops, beautiful canals and historic architecture. A large selection of quality weed is easily obtainable in Amsterdam along with everything you would expect to find in the capital city of a major European country. You may have been there, done that and bought some of Amsterdam’s finest already – and now you’re searching for the next cannabis friendly destination. There’s some good news on that front: finally the dopey laws [...]

Cannabis and Terpenes

What are Terpenes?  Terpenes are quite the hot topic in the cannabis world at present. What are they and how do they relate to your favorite smoke? Our sense of smell is directly linked to the part of the brain responsible for processing emotions. A particular smell can catapult you back to a nostalgic moment or emotion you may have had as a child. In the same way the whiff of a Super Silver Haze or the enticing aroma of [...]

Stoner Gifts Christmas Special

Ask many stoners what they would like for Christmas and they would probably say “bag of weed and some papers.” This may be at the top of their list, but it probably wouldn’t be enough to get them through the Bake Off Christmas special. Luckily for you we’ve put together a list of the best Christmas gifts, guaranteed to put a smile on your stoner’s face. From the price of a gram to the price of an ounce, stoner gifts to [...]

Indica vs Sativa – What’s the difference?

Looking to become a true cannabis connoisseur? Being able to tell the difference between indica and  sativa strains is a great place to start. We’ve found that while many people are aware of indica and sativa strains, there seems to be uncertainty as to what exactly sets the two apart. So if you’re looking for a practical, quick-fire guide to some of the key differences, you’ll love this infographic. Indica vs Sativa All cannabis is officially classified as Cannabis Sativa – even hemp. [...]

Spannabis 2017 Champions Cup Award Winners – The Results!

Another year, another successful Spannabis trade fair. If you’re keen to know the big winners from the Spannabis Champions Cup 2017 then we’ve got them all right here. The Winners Best Seed Bank – Genehtik Seeds Best Stand – Genehtik Seeds, Genehtik Nutrients Best Paraphernalia Product – South Plant, Da Vinci Vaporizer Best Cultivation Product – Crazy Leds & More, California Light Best Nutrient – BAC, Organic Bloom Best Hemp Product – Naturflow, Mead with hemp Best Indica 1. Crystal Candy – Sweet Seeds 2. Bombón – Madre Naturaleza Growshop 3. [...]

BeatFox interview with Freedom Seeds

Earlier this month the UK Beatbox Championships held its 10th anniversary event. Among the competitors this year was top UK beatboxer BeatFox. Describing himself as more bass than brains, more beats than a boxer; this young Londoner creates something of a stir wherever he goes thanks to his souped-up boombox tricycle. After the event BeatFox dropped into the THTC studio. Whilst there he donned one of our new tees and dropped an implosive video of his famous bass tones and robotic [...]

Cannabis IS a medicine say MPs

A cross party group of MPs says there is clear evidence that cannabis is a beneficial medicine and that it helps alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain, spasticity, nausea, vomiting and anxiety. They also say it can help with sleep disorders, suppressed appetite, fibromyalgia, post-traumatic stress disorder and Parkinson’s disease. The All Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform took evidence from 623 patients, representatives of the medical professions and people with knowledge of how medical cannabis was regulated across [...]

Post Date: 11 November

Our report of Product Earth Expo

Our fridge goes up to 11 Building on the success of their first event last year, Product Earth Expo pulled off a blinder in Peterborough over the weekend of 25th, 26th June. With attendance up appreciably at over 4.5k and getting on for twice as many exhibitors, this really was where the heart & soul of the British cannabis industry was to be found. Concerns over being in the middle of nowhere at the East of England showground and clashing with [...]

HOWARD – A personal recollection

The first time I met Howard Marks was the summer of 1997, he had come to Portsmouth for the annual Smokey Bears Picnic on Southsea Common. We had arranged for him to drop in at my house to chat to a reporter from a local magazine before heading on to the picnic. Howard was smoking some black Nepalese hash. I asked him if he would be taking any dope to the picnic, “Oh sure” he said in his Welsh accent, “I always [...]

Strain Hunters Barcelona Social Club Opening Night

Opening Night… Located at the end of an unassuming side street off La Rambla, there’s little hint from the outside of the hubbub going on within Barcelona’s latest smoke -filled cannabis club: Strain Hunters. Since first officially appearing in Spain some years ago, cannabis social clubs have taken advantage of the country’s more relaxed attitude toward personal cannabis cultivation to create an environment where members and guests can relax and enjoy the fruits of their collective labours in an area of [...]